Concept and objectives

  • The EQS is the first model in the Mercedes-EQ family to be based on the modular architecture for luxury and executive-class electric vehicles. It marks an important milestone in Ambition 2039 – the path to the CO2-neutral mobility of the future at Mercedes-Benz.
  • For the first time, a marketing campaign starts at the same time as a world premiere – in a uniform look. The campaign translates the EQS’s seemingly magical fusion of technology, design, functionality and connectivity into a surreal look that challenges the reality we know. The campaign breaks with conventions and works with a mix of abstract art and fashion that stimulates visually.

“We are particularly pleased to launch an integrated marketing campaign for the first time synchronized at the world premiere of the EQS,” says Bettina Fetzer, Head of Marketing Mercedes-Benz AG. “With this extraordinary staging, we want to combine sustainable mobility with an emotional and luxurious brand experience and further strengthen the fascination for our electric Mercedes-EQ models.”

Visual concept

  • With the new campaign for the luxury and avant-garde top model of the Mercedes-EQ family, the brand builds on the visual world of Mercedes-EQ, which was launched in January with the EQA. The concept of intensive play with reflecting surfaces is continued and transposed into the surreal. For example a floating vehicle is the visual interpretation of the message that the EQS breaks with conventions and challenges the reality we know.
  • The imagery is iconic, product-focused and clear. It works with blue colour tones and strong contrasts. The result is an abstract, stylised atmosphere that exudes a fascinatingly sensual appeal. 

Campaign claim and target group

  • The claim “This is for you, world” is modular in design in order to directly address the respective target group depending on the context, medium or topic: for example “This is for you, electric pioneers”, “This is for you, techies” or “This is for you, design icons”.
  • The campaign is aimed at progressive-minded people who are always curious about new experiences, innovation-driven, tech-oriented and pioneers of a sustainable lifestyle. 

Media mix

  • International campaign with film, print, ((D)OOH), social media and TVC (TV commercial)
  • Storyline TVC | “Arrival” 
    • In the film ‘Arrival’, the visual concept ‘Mirror’ is continued, that was launched with the EQA in January, and shapes the appearance of the Mercedes-EQ brand.
    • In the blue campaign color world, which works with reflective surfaces and strong contrasts, the arrival of the EQS is metaphorically staged as a floating vehicle that elegantly lands on earth. The vehicle and the fusion of technology, design, functionality and connectivity of the EQS are staged in a play of light in a surreal world.

Alicia Keys and the world premiere of the EQS 
On April 15, 2021 Mercedes-Benz announced that they will further expand their collaborations and relationship with Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, producer and composer, Alicia Keys, as a global partner. Keys joined Mercedes-Benz for the world premiere of the highly anticipated EQS. She performed a medley including her hits ‘No One’ and ‘Authors of Forever’, a song from her latest album ALICIA.

Source: Mercedes-Benz AG