ROSSMANN Logistik has greatly simplified driver training for store delivery processes – all thanks to the HABBL app’s digital guidance and intuitive interface. New drivers can become proficient users of the mobile software after a brief orientation. The drugstore chain has dramatically streamlined formerly complex processes and established a digital workflow that supports users at each work step. Plus, logistics managers can now modify the processes themselves with just a few clicks. No programming required! That makes ROSSMANN even nimbler.

The HABBL app on the mobile devices also captures parameters used in carrier billing: route, speed, idle time and vehicle location. It also displays additional refuelling and maintenance instructions for drivers in ROSSMANN’s in-house fleet and notifies the company’s trip planning software as soon as these tasks are completed.

Delivery and unloading scans made easy
The HABBL app enters the address of the destination Rossman store in the navigation module at the start of the trip. It also puts the store’s phone number in memory so that drivers can call there directly if they have questions. The HABBL app even supports reloading from trailers to rigid trucks for deliveries to stores that can only be reached in a rigid lorry. Once they arrive, drivers scan a barcode at the loading dock to verify that they have reached the store that the goods are intended for. Even unloading scans of rolling containers are much faster and easier with the new hardware-software solution. The HABBL app records empties for return transport as well. “We’ve set up new status messages and cyclical events to log every activity in the delivery process,” reported Patrick Thonemann, project manager at Fleetboard Logistics. “By rolling out HABBL, we have simply digitalized a previously complicated process and rolled out the new workflow very rapidly,” concluded Stefanie Schwebke, Head of Central Transportation, Logistics at ROSSMANN Logistikgesellschaft mbH.

Source. Daimler Trucks