Christmas is just around the corner and thus also the most busy time of the year for online shopping. To ensure that everyone’s presents arrive on time, there’s no room for error during deliveries. Greater security for transport vehicles is offered by the Theft Warning from Mercedes PRO connect, the Mercedes-Benz Vans connectivity and fleet solution for business customers. With this service, it is possible to check the position of a vehicle at any time – a feature which can be very useful in clarifying the details of a stolen vehicle.

Improved theft protection
If a vehicle leaves a defined area (geofences) or if the vehicle’s anti-theft alarm is triggered, the fleet manager is informed immediately via the Mercedes PRO Vehicle Management tool. By being able to rapidly clarify the details of a theft, it is possible to minimise the costs for a temporary replacement vehicle or even to avoid having to buy a replacement vehicle. It’s also possible that companies will benefit from savings with their insurer. Theft Warning is part of the “Efficient Fleet Management” Connectivity Package and can be activated free-of-charge in Germany up to the end of 2019 for a duration of twelve months. Besides being available in the large van segment’s Sprinter models, the Theft Warning service is also available in some regions for the mid-size vans of the Vito and eVito model series from production month May 2019 or March 2019 respectively.

Sector-specific solutions
Mercedes PRO is the digital services brand of Mercedes-Benz Vans. Under this brand, the Vans division bundles existing and future services for business customers in a single digital platform. As a beneficial feature for fleets, Mercedes PRO optimises communication between fleet managers, vehicles and drivers. The networking solution enables orders to be managed online and vehicle information such as location, tank fill level and maintenance intervals to be retrieved in near real-time. Its advantages range from minimised downtime thanks to predictive maintenance and repair management to preparation of clearly structured data for business analysis. Fleets ranging from those of small businesses to major customer fleets benefit from the web-based service.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Vans