Mercedes-Benz is starting its international marketing campaign “Already there. The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for Camper Vans”. And the special thing about it is that the vehicle manufacturer from Stuttgart will be launching its very first campaign specifically for camper vans based on its iconic Sprinter van. The core element of the campaign will be formed by two videos which can already be seen online.

“Whether you’re planning a family holiday or a spontaneous rock-climbing trip with friends, travelling in camper vans is extremely fun for all those involved. And the camper van market is booming at present.
We would like to play a more active part in this development than has previously been the case. That’s why we have consistently developed the third-generation Sprinter to meet the requirements of this segment and made it even more suitable than ever before for camper van bodies and installations. Camper van features of our new Sprinter will now be highlighted as part of a specific advertising campaign which will predominantly serve digital communications channels. And our aim here is clear: show that, with the Sprinter, you’ll get that holiday feeling as soon as you pull away”, says Marion Friese, Head of Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Vans.

About the campaign
The core element of the marketing campaign is formed by two videos. The “Are we there yet?” advert takes a light-hearted look at a typical holiday situation with which parents of younger children will be more than familiar. Already before pulling away, the kids ask: “When will we be there?” Initially the father of the family is silent, but with a glance at the Sprinter, he calmly answers: “Now we’re there.” The second ad, entitled “Call me when you arrive”, will also bring a smile to viewers’ faces. When saying goodbye at the house door, the grandmother tells her daughter to: “Call me as soon as you get there.” This request is promptly honoured. Without having even driven a single metre, the mother gets into the Sprinter and says: “We’re there.”

Source: Daimler AG