Since autumn 2018, BerlKönig’s on-demand public transport offering has already taken to the streets of Berlin where it supplements the regular-service public transport routes with an innovative mobility service. Operated by BVG and ViaVan, 700,000 passengers have already been transported comfortably and rapidly to their destinations and the aim is that more and more electric vehicles will join the fleet in future: 19 Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer are now strengthening the BerlKönig offering. These vehicles are the first vehicles to have been deployed in real customer operations. By 2025, all ViaVan locations will be served by electrically powered vehicles. ViaVan’s services are available in Amsterdam, London and Milton Keynes, as well as in Berlin where they are operated in a collaboration between the BVG public transport company and BerlKönig.

The overall aim and central component of the concept is to provide sustainable mobility. On the one hand, this will be achieved by means of ride sharing: BerlKönig seeks to use and fill their vehicles as efficiently as possible. An intelligent algorithm bundles together several journey requests heading in the same direction, then creates a route and books the passengers in a joint vehicle. And on the other hand, it will be facilitated by means of a fleet comprising a high percentage of electric vehicles: from the outset, BerlKönig has been operating electrically powered vehicles in the form of the B-Class Electric Drive.

The eVito Tourer – great comfort, great flexibility 

Locally emission-free driving and low noise emissions are coupled with great comfort for passengers – the eVito Tourer is tailor-made for transporting people in inner cities. With the installed battery capacity of 41 kWh, the vehicle offers a total range of between 156 and 186 kilometres.1 After a charging time of six hours, the entire range is again available for use.2 The battery-electric drive system delivers an output of 85 kW and up to 295 Newton metres of torque.

The positioning of the battery in the underbody of the eVito Tourer creates a generously spacious interior without any restrictions, and thus allows as many as eight seats in addition to that of the driver to be fitted. The mid-size van can be ordered with one of two different wheelbases. The basic variant has a total length of 5140 millimetres. Meanwhile, the extra-long version measures 5370 millimetres.

Depending on the number of passengers and the desired level of comfort, the eVito Tourer offers special and flexible solutions for the demanding task of transporting people. The preconfigured seating for the passenger compartment can be tailored to individual requirements by selecting from the numerous seating variants. The maximum permissible gross weight stands at 3200 kilogrammes.

Intelligent networking 

“As part of Mercedes-Benz Vans developing into a provider of holistic mobility services, we’re especially happy that our eVito Tourer is currently being put to use for the first time ever within the scope of BerlKönig’s innovative service. We are therefore combining two future-oriented topics which are of great importance to us: on-demand transport and electromobility. We shall also continue to drive forward the electrification of ViaVan,” says Steven Kasih, Manager of Shared People Mobility at Mercedes-Benz Vans. BerlKönig is the world’s biggest provider of on-demand shuttles offered by a public transport company.

Source: Daimler AG