Ever since its launch in 2013, Van ProCenter, the Mercedes-Benz Vans Sales Retail Excellence programme, has been demonstrating how professional expertise in customer business for the van sector can be increased even further. The quality brand launched in a total of twelve European markets in the past six years gives van customers an offering which exceeds the existing, already very good advice, sales and service support from the individual Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlets and authorised agents. It meets the discerning demands of this customer group to an even greater extent.

A wide range of offers with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Vito, Citan and V-Class model series for commercial and private customers with diverse requirements, as well as numerous vehicle variants, special versions and sector-specific solutions call for extensive expertise in sales and service.

Dense sales network from pros for pros

Six years on from the launch there now more than 200 dealers forming a dense European Van ProCenter network. As larger dealers in particular are often represented in several locations, the actual number of Van ProCenter sites is significantly higher. Coverage in the German market is especially high: here there are 196 Van ProCenter locations in all, spread across 60 companies in all federal states and forming a dense network of van expertise.

The focus is very clearly on the van customer in every Van ProCenter. Specially trained salespeople advise individual and fleet customers on all aspects of the product, body, service, purchasing, financing, leasing, etc., including special sector-specific solutions. Extended opening hours or a consultation on the customer’s premises offer business owners high availability and flexibility. In the commercial sector, not only is it crucial
that replacement vehicles are made available in case of breakdown, it is also important to offer additional vehicles through rental during short-term peaks in day-to-day operations.

However the “Van ProCenter” seal of approval has to be earned: Mercedes-Benz van sales and service outlets and authorised agents are only allowed to call themselves Van ProCenters after an external inspection covering more than 50 different criteria. This guarantees the very high standard of the offering and service at all Van ProCenter sites in Europe, and regular checks are carried out even after the seal has been awarded. Experienced consultants continuously guide and support all the operations during the implementation process.

The Van ProCenter programme sees Mercedes-Benz Vans investing sustainably in the future of the van sales network in Europe in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis and ensure that customers remain loyal to the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Those who give it all deserve it all

The campaign for communicating the Van ProCenter brand has also started successfully. It focuses on the quality label’s central pledge to customers, depicting it in advertisements and short films. The campaign’s messages are geared towards various customer groups: from entrepreneurs in the courier, express and parcel services sector, tradespeople, shuttle drivers, service providers or other everyday heroes – customers of Mercedes-Benz Vans receive the following at the Van ProCenter: more options of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to touch and test-drive, more service in the form of diverse and attractive services, more experts on van sales and service, more availability for example thanks to extra-long opening hours and more mobility due to flexible rental offers and high availability of mobility vehicles.

Source: Daimler AG