How does a typical day at work look like for a 26-year-old supervisor in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class production? What does it mean for a refugee to begin an apprenticeship as an IT electronics technician at Daimler and thus start a new life? And what exactly did Dieter Zetsche want to be when he was six years old? “HeadLights”, the company’s new podcast, offers these and many other stories and insights into the world of Daimler.

Daimler has around 300,000 employees worldwide. In HeadLights, they talk about their everyday work, describe their greatest challenges and tell their personal stories – from test driver to chief economist, from apprentice to the Chairman of the Board of Management. HeadLights will be launched on April 1 and is available at and on all common music and podcast streaming services.

The first series consist of five german and five english episodes. Each week a new episode will be published. HeadLights takes a look behind the scenes at Daimler. Whether you are out and about in the car, running on a treadmill in the gym or having breakfast – listeners will find out how beer prices are linked to the economy, learn about Daimler’s Tech Hub in Tel Aviv and its research on the connected car or can listen to special tricks for restoring old and classic cars.

Daimler lives and loves diversity – stories as diverse as our jobs

The podcast offers personal insights to the company and presents Daimler as an international attractive employer with various jobs and opportunities for personal development. No plain job descriptions but personal stories and experiences from employees around the world, showing Daimler as a company with exciting, trend-setting opportunities and an agile, open and team-oriented working culture. In order to shape future mobility and to win the most talented employees, Daimler is always looking for new ways to approach and convince candidates. In addition to traditional recruiting, Daimler is increasingly engaged in social media, using new and unexpected formats to address potential employees.

The stories in the podcasts range from topics like leadership and the future of mobility to diversity and integration. The podcasts are presented by Jessica Abt and Sascha Pallenberg, both employees in corporate communications at Daimler. Stefanie Noll is opening the first season: she is supervisor in the S-Class production in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen. In HeadLights she talks about her background and the greatest challenges she faced in her job. In addition, she explains what it is like for her, a 26-year-old, to lead a team of almost 40 colleagues: “Whether men or women – we have to be able to work together – that is what matters”, she says.

Bassel Aslambouli arrived in Germany as a Syrian refugee three years ago and has been living in Germany since. He is currently doing an apprenticeship as an IT electronics technician in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Untertürkheim: “I fled from Damascus to Lebanon and then to Greece by boat. Once I arrived in Germany, I took a German course and then applied to Daimler.” And he was successful. Now 24 years old, he describes in his podcast how his start at Daimler worked and how he has settled in.

Alongside Stefanie Noll and Bassel Aslambouli, Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, is the protagonist of the first episode in English since April 8. The following people will talk in future episodes: David Hailey, Head of Personal Strategy Lab1886 (English); Adi Ofek, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development in Tel Aviv (English); Stefan Delgado, test driver in the test and technology center in Immendingen (German); Clare Jones from the start-up What3Words in Stockholm (English); Michael Plag, restorer in the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center Fellbach (German) and Leslie Kilgore, chief developer at Thomas Built Buses in High Point, North Carolina (English).

Source: Daimler AG