In 2018, a total of 834,121 visitors came to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Of those, 109,761 guests attended events like the Summer of Concerts and the Open-Air Cinema. People from all 193 countries of the United Nations have visited the museum since last year. This brought the campaign the museum launched in 2017 to a successful conclusion. It targeted visitors from the seven countries that were still missing from the statistics. India is a newcomer to the top five of the international visitor statistics. The museum also welcomed its nine millionth guest in April 2018.

The international character of the museum was also highlighted in 2018, as around 60 per cent of visitors came from abroad. This number has now been constant for three years. Guests from China are at the top, with twelve per cent of museum visitors, followed by the United States and France. India has newly joined the top five of international visiting countries of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, with just under three per cent of guests in 2018.

People from all 193 countries of the United Nations have now visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum. In August 2018, guests from Guyana and from Saint Kitts and Nevis completed the list of the seven countries that were still missing from the statistics.

Nine million visitors since opening

In April 2018, the museum welcomed its nine millionth guest – the ticket was purchased by a four-person family from Stuttgart-Birkach. The ten millionth guest is expected in the summer of 2019. Evaluations of visitor satisfaction statistics have also been positive. On average, guests rate their museum visit at 1.5, according to the German grading scale from 1 (very good) to 6 (not sufficient).

Enhanced digital reach

Fans of the Mercedes-Benz Museum are not only counted at the ticket counter, but also across the museum’s social media channels. The museum enhanced its digital reach again in 2018. There were 609,405 fans on Facebook at the end of the year and 57,200 followers getting information about the museum on Twitter, as well as 6,740 subscribers on YouTube. On Instagram, the number of followers grew by 43 per cent to 422,000. Social media highlights of 2018 also included the participation of British Porsche enthusiast and collector Magnus Walker in the Silvretta Classic Rally, driving a Mercedes 300 SL. Photographs of the event surprised fans of the British fashion designer, as Walker had never before been associated with the Mercedes brand. Facebook: Instagram:

VfB special exhibition and many more events

The high point of the exhibits in 2018 was the special exhibition “On the move since 1893 – 125 years of VfB Stuttgart,” which is still running until 2 April 2019. From 9 September 2018 to the end of the year, it was visited by just under 120,000 guests. The success of the VfB exhibition was aided by the additional schedule of events, including concerts and discussions, special opening hours at VfB home games in the neighbouring stadium and a free activity book for kids, which families were happy to make use of.

The big events of 2018 included the second Mercedes-Benz Summer of Concerts (5 – 8 July 2018), the children’s and family day on 8 July 2018, which broke a visitor record (more than 12,000 guests), the “Day of the breast ring” on 5 August 2018 at the start of the new VfB Stuttgart season, and the Open-Air Cinema.

Successful additions were made to the cultural programme, including the “Seat cushion concert” performance of “The Three Robbers” for children, the summer dance party “Salsa Under the Stars”, as well as the première of “Night in the Museum” with improv theatre group Kanonenfutter. During that interactive theatre show, participants followed the ensemble on a journey through time through the permanent collection of the museum.

Outlook for 2019

There has already been a successful start to the presale for the Summer of Concerts 2019, with Andreas Bourani (4 July 2019), Cro (5 July 2019), Max Herre (6 July 2019) and Walk Off the Earth on the big children’s and family day (7 July 2019). Tickets are available online at and at all ticket offices.

On the 170th birthday and the 75th anniversary of the death of automobile pioneer Bertha Benz in May 2019, the museum will put on a live radio play about the famed wife of automobile inventor Carl Benz, 3 – 5 May 2019. Presale for the total of four showings starts in mid-February.

After the VfB special exhibition “On the move since 1893” (showing until 2 April 2019), a special exhibition about the 40 years of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class will start in the fall of 2019.

Also planned to continue in 2019 are popular summer events from the past year, like the Open-Air Cinema (15 August through 1 September 2019) or the classic car meet-up Cars & Coffee.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is open daily from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Last admission is at 5 p.m. Registration, reservations and latest information: Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. by telephone on +49 (0)711-30000, by email to or online at

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum