“Protecting vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians is our top priority,” says John Moriarty. He is the boss of Moriarty Haulage and recently bought 15 Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks for the transportation of concrete. And these are frequently on the road in heavy traffic. “Today driving trucks is a high-performance job, especially in London’s city centre. The Econic, with its all-round visibility, provides my drivers with a high sense of security,” is how Moriarty justifies his decision.

The Econic does indeed offer an unmatched view thanks to its low panoramic window and fully-glazed folding door on the co-driver’s side. This and the seat position which is low in comparison to other conventional construction site trucks allow the driver to have direct visual contact with cyclists and pedestrians – a decisive advantage with regard to safety. And when it comes to buying a construction truck that will operate in London, safety is a key purchasing criterion. Companies that take this into consideration are awarded a CLOCS-seal (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) – just like Essex-based Moriarty Haulage.

Source: Daimler AG