Each year car drivers in European and North American cities spend an average of 55 hours searching for parking spaces. Yet there is no shortage of free parking spaces – one challenge is to find them. And the other is to manoeuvre the car into and out of the space undamaged: 65 percent of customers would like a car that parks and unparks itself.

For both challenges, Mercedes-Benz is able to ease the burden on drivers with modern assistance systems, intelligent networking of vehicles and the infrastructure plus well-conceived services related to parking. Apart from the drivers themselves, this also benefits the environment and urban surroundings thanks to less traffic seeking parking spaces and the more efficient use of available parking facilities. Coming services include e.g. the Mercedes me Car Sharing App, which allows efficient use of the car during parking periods. In the pilot project CHARK.me (Change the way you park), on driver request, service providers can deposit packages, food or clean laundry in the vehicle’s boot. And the likewise new service smart “ready to spot” helps drivers to find their parked car with further functions that help them when returning to it.

“The innovative parking solutions from Mercedes-Benz offer our customers numerous benefits: they save time and frustration, increase convenience and reduce the risk of parking damage,” says Sajjad Khan, Vice President Digital Vehicle & Mobility at Daimler. “Our aim is to turn the vehicle into a mobile assistant able to take on tedious routine tasks such as parking.”

“In our strategic areas ‘Connected’ and ‘Autonomous’, we bring together many innovations and ideas which can relieve customers of all tedious parking-related activities,” says Michael Hafner, Head of Automated Driving and Active Safety at Daimler AG. “After all, who actually enjoys parking and unparking? I openly admit that I don’t either. That’s why I like to use Remote Parking Assist, for example. Once you have got used to no longer sitting in the car when making parking manoeuvres, and delegating the steering, accelerating and braking to the vehicle, parking and unparking by smartphone is extremely convenient.”

This assistance has been very well received by customers, as the current activation rate (as of March 2018) for Remote Parking Assist in the European Mercedes me connect markets shows: since the introduction of the system in the respective model series, 68 percent of all drivers of an E or S-Class have not only opted for the Remote Parking package, but also linked the vehicle to their Mercedes me account and activated the service in the Mercedes me Portal.

Source: Daimler AG