What a surprise for the Wecke family from Stuttgart-Birkach: When Mrs Wecke bought the admission tickets for the museum this morning for her family, they included the nine millionth ticket since the Mercedes-Benz Museum opened in May 2006. Museum Director Monja Büdke congratulated the family, presented a gift voucher for the museum shop, and invited the family to lunch in the museum restaurant.

“We are delighted that a family from Stuttgart picked the nine millionth ticket to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. We are keen to appeal to guests from Stuttgart and the region with an interesting and varied programme”, says Museum Director Monja Büdke. “My young daughter is already looking forward to the big Childrenʼs and Family Day on 8 July at the end of the Mercedes-Benz Summer Concert Series- and my boss can hardly wait for the big special exhibition ‘ 125 Years of VfB’ to commemorate the football clubʼs anniversary starting in September”.

A total of 876,109 people visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum in 2017, among them also the eight millionth visitor, Mr Dingding from China. At 10 percent, the Chinese represent the highest proportion of international guests, which accounted for 60 percent of visitors in 2017. Two thirds of German visitors come from Stuttgart and the region. For this group of people – among them many frequently returning visitors – the event calendar is well filled with a host of events all year long.

On Sunday, 8 April, there was a previously unannounced. More than 300 singers from the Stuttgart choir “Gospel in the East”, among them Mrs Wecke, formed a flash mob around noon to deliver a resounding serenade. What started quite inconspicuously with a piano player and a female vocalist in the Atrium, grew with every line of the song into a choir of hundreds of voices, which quickly got the museum visitors swinging on the various museum levels connected to the Atrium. “Gospel in the East” is a multi-generational choir in Stuttgart with male and female singers from different countries and religions.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Museum