In winter there is practically always snow on the ground in Finland. Even during mild winters, snow blankets Central and Northern Finland from November to April. Temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius are not unusual.

What is good for winter sports is a real challenge for VR Track – the largest track-laying company and one of the largest construction and engineering firms for infrastructure in Finland: 6000 kilometres of rail network must be cleared of snow. The solution is the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 427 road-rail vehicle. It has successfully passed the tests conducted by VR Track – from snow blowing in snowy Northern Finland and snow ploughing and sweeping in Eastern Finland to special tasks that VR Track imposed on it.

And if it ever has to help out in neighbouring Sweden, its rail guides can be converted from 1524 mm (wide gauge in Finland) to the standard gauge (1435 mm) common in Sweden.

Source: Daimler AG