Road Efficiency is the sum of many details that interact in the customer fleet. It is about optimising the total cost, enhancing the safety, and also about improved availability to increase the transport efficiency.

To support these globally applicable requirements of our customers, Mercedes-Benz offers TRUCKTraining starting in 2018, a standardised range of truck driver training courses. The line-up of trainings ranges from group training to individual driver support to identify the entire potential in the fleet and improve it on a lasting basis. The company also caters to individual customer requirements and offers a tailor-made training for drivers, but also for fleet experts.

In Europe, Mercedes-Benz TRUCKTraining offers the following basic range as standard: a theoretical training, the Eco Training – the classic for years. However, supporting individual drivers is also becoming more important. This is where the Eco On-Board Training takes effect – supporting a driver in his daily routine, without hampering the transport job of the customer.

The existing knowledge of the training experts in driver training at Mercedes-Benz Trucks has a long tradition. Mercedes-Benz TRUCKTraining supports the entrepreneur in the advancement and optimisation of the fleet personnel with competence and lots of experience as well as with “train the trainer” programmes and state-of-the-art media such as the Mercedes-Benz TRUCKTraining App.

Mercedes-Benz TRUCKTraining at the Mercedes-Benz Wörth Plant is a training organisation certified by the authorities for training and issuing certificates for the five modules of the Professional Drivers’ Qualification Act.

The available Mercedes-Benz TRUCKTraining offerings are published on the particular national home page of the relevant countries. The Internet address of the German Mercedes-Benz TRUCKTraining is:

Source: Daimler AG