65 years of the Unimog Magazine – Its precursor, the “Unimog Ratgeber” (Unimog Guide) first appeared in 1953 and was directed primarily at customers in the agricultural sector. An article under the heading “Time is money”, for example, talked about the higher speed of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog compared with the slow-chugging tractors of the day: “Its speed cuts travelling times in half and by doing so plays a significant part in the rationalisation of farming. Owners of Unimog vehicles are able to cut their working time by a third – or even more – in this way.”

In 1964 the Unimog even played matchmaker: a photograph of 22-year-old Fräulein Annegret Hokamp from Herford at the wheel of a Unimog in the “Unimog Ratgeber” caught the eye of nursery gardener Karl-Heinrich Noltensmeier from Extertal. His interest stirred, the 34-year-old bachelor obtained her address from the editorial office and the wedding took place a year later – with four children joining them over the years at the family’s garden centre.

The magazine for existing as well as prospective customers continued to evolve, via the “Unimog Journal” to the Unimog Magazine – as ever, a valuable guide that provides important information about potential customer applications, presented in an interesting manner. These days the Unimog Magazine is published in four languages, with special issues to mark specific occasions appearing from time to time in one country or another. Some of the historical issues have even acquired value as collectors’ items and have been known to sell for as much as 100 euros a copy.

Source: Daimler AG