Mercedes-Benz do Brasil is delivering good sales figures this year, inspite a very difficult economic climate and declining commercial vehicle markets in recent years. A number of large-scale orders are having a positive impact on Mercedes-Benz‘ business in Brazil. Mercedes-Benz was able to defend its position as market leader in the bus and the truck business. In the light commercial vehicles division the Sprinter, which celebrated its 20th aniversary on Brazilian roads this year, contributed significantly to the strong development of the transporter business unit.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is – based on current October-sales numbers – still Number One in the most important market in Latin America, with a market share of 28.3 percent (PY 29.3 percent). From January to November Daimler was able to sell around 12,200 trucks – eight percent more than in the same period last year (PY 11,200). Daimler Buses was also able to again defend market leadership in Brazil and reached a market share of 52.4 percent per November (PY 59.3 percent). With around 6,700 units sold, bus-sales improved by 40 percent (PY 4,800). Mercedes-Benz Vans increased its market share by 9.8 percentage points to 35.6 percent (PY 25.8 percent). From January until the end of November 2017, Daimler sold over 6,700 medium sized and large vans increasing sales a total of 59 percent (PY 4,200).

Daimler believes in the Brazilian market: high investments over the next five years confirmed
Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks: “Our strong sales show that we are on the right track in Brazil. We are certain of the great potential of this enormous country. This is why we are investing around 600 million Euro in our vehicles, digital services and production sites. As soon as the market recovers we will be ready.“

Over the next five years, Daimler‘s Brazilian subsidiary Mercedes-Benz do Brasil will be investing approximately 600 million Euro in its commercial vehicle business. With this, the biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Latin America is underlining its long-term commitment in the Brazilian market. Since 2010 Daimler has invested around one billion Euro in its Brazilian sites. These investments go into the modernization of product range, digital services as well as the two production plants São Bernardo do Campo and Juiz de Fora. Until 2022, both plants are aiming to reach hights production standards and so become even more competitive. Parts of the investments will also go in the construction of a state-of-the-art test track for commercial vehicles in Iracemápolis just out of São Paulo. Starting in spring 2018, traffic and security scenarios will be tested there on more than 18 different tracks, under real life driving cicumstances.

Large-scale orders increase truck-sales in Brazil
In the truck division the new Mercedes-Benz Accello, which is designed especially for the South American market and was launched to the Brazilian market in 2017, and the new Actros were especially sucessful. In its second year on the Brazilian market the Actros’ sales figures rose more than 50 percent. The development of sales in 2017 was boosted by several large-scale orders. Energy company Raízen for example added a total of 524 6×4 Atego and Axor to its fleet. Fueled by record-breaking harvests in Brazil the demand for commercial vehicles in agriculture rose in 2017. Transgrãos, a farming logistics company, blostered its fleet with 105 Axor 2536 6×2.

Daimler Buses lead the Brazilian market with strong market share
With its market share over 50 percent, Mercedes-Benz Buses transports a large part of Brazil’s bus-users. In 2017, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil was able to strengthen its bus-presence on Brazilian Streets.

Since this summer the almost four million people in Recife are being transported with 200 new city buses with a star. The buses out of São Bernardo do Campo and Juiz de Fora are also sending impulses in terms of export business. Until the year is out, for example, 300 city buses and travel coaches will be delivered to Reina del Camino, a travel operator in Ecuador. The vehicles will make public transport in Ecuador’s largest cities cleaner and more efficient.

Sprinter a guarantor for success in Brazil in its aniversary year
Vans sales have developed very positively in 2017. The Brazilian ministry of health for example ordered 800 ambulance Sprinter built-up specifically to ensure safe and comfortable transport of the ill and injured. 2017 is a special year for the Sprinter, because the large transporter is celebrating its anniversary. 20 years ago it was a newcomer on the streets of Brazil and now it is indispensable in the highly competitive segment of large vans. This year the Sprinter is again the bestselling Mercedes-Benz Van in Brazil. Since its introduction to the market in 1997 it was delivered to customers more than 127,000 times in Brazil alone, making it the the best selling large van in Brazil in total.

Source: Daimler AG