Mercedes-Benz Trucks was the first manufacturer in the world to offer Sideguard Assist in on-road trucks. Since December 2016, Actros and Antos trucks have been delivered with the new safety system. Sideguard Assist is now available in over 20 further vehicle variants, including the Mercedes-Benz Arocs, the off-road specialist for the construction sector.

The system assists the driver when turning or when changing lane by being able to detect moving and stationary objects in the warning zone on the co-driver’s side or in the turning curve. It can also visually and audibly warn the driver in the event of danger. Sideguard Assist monitors the entire length of the vehicle and allows the detection of pedestrians and cyclists. It provides the driver with valuable assistance when turning under conditions of restricted visibility. If, for example, there is a cyclist or pedestrian in the warning zone, a triangle of LEDs lights up in the A-pillar on the co-driver’s side. If the system detects a risk of collision, the LEDs light up red with higher intensity and a warning signal sounds from the right out of one of the speakers of the radio system. In addition, the sensors are capable of detecting a stationary obstacle, such as a traffic light or street lamp, in the turning curve of the truck. This, too, makes it possible to prevent collisions, not only on public roads, but also when manoeuvring, e.g. in parking areas.

Source: Daimler AG