Following an extensive facelift, the four Mercedes-Benz magazines are being relaunched with a new concept in terms of content and artistic design. The new “Mercedes Classic” will make its debut on 14 November 2017, while the “Mercedes me Magazine”, the new name of the Mercedes-Benz Magazine in future, will follow on 8 December. Next year, the portfolio will then be rounded off by the “She’s Mercedes Magazine” and the “Circle of Excellence” magazine.

At the heart of the thoroughly revised concept is the launch of a serial magazine format for all the publications, a recognisable layout and a uniform structure of the contents and title page. The new look was developed in collaboration with Looping Studios. The aim is in future to position the four magazines on the market in a more determined, more contemporary and more high-value way. Hence, in terms of their journalistic ambition, the magazines will be more closely in tune with Mercedes-Benz’s current brand development.

“Our family of Mercedes magazines is now being brought into line with the fundamental renewal of the Mercedes-Benz brand image that has taken place in recent years. The consistent focus of the relaunch is on contemporary luxury, a stylistically progressive orientation and our brand positioning of the symbiosis between emotion and intelligence. In the new magazines, we have collaborated with the Looping Group to further evolve our tone and style while presenting products at the highest journalistic level. People are at the heart of our stories. Our guiding theme is ‘human-centred’. This is a term we use to describe that the innovative power of the Mercedes-Benz brand is not an end in itself, but always takes its cue from the needs of our customers and brand fans,” says Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. The new magazine portfolio is made up of the Mercedes me Magazine, the She’s Mercedes Magazine, the Mercedes Classic Magazine and the Mercedes Circle of Excellence Magazine.

Dominik Wichmann, co-founder of the Looping Group: “The new approach marks a departure from the customer magazine in the conventional sense. The magazines designed by Looping Studios are meant to be community magazines. They are intended to reflect the interests of enthusiasts, fans and customers of the Mercedes-Benz brand world in all their facets.”

One year ago, Looping Studios were commissioned by Mercedes-Benz to redesign all four customer magazines. They now present a portfolio that has been revised in terms of both look and content. With their sharper editorial profile and revised, now handwritten title logo, the magazines will each act as a mouthpiece for a meta-theme of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The “Mercedes me Magazine” places its emphasis on the challenges and opportunities presented by the technological revolution. “Mercedes Classic” will in future be devoted to the theme of the “fascination of classic cars” not only on the technical and aesthetic fronts, but also with reference to cultural aspects. Aimed at an international, female audience, the “She’s Mercedes Magazine” also plays to the increasingly relevant global community of the “She’s Mercedes” initiative. The “Circle of Excellence” magazine is evolving into a lavishly printed collector’s item for Mercedes-Benz customers. Together, the four magazines reflect the entire universe of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Source: Daimler AG