The Peruvian company Coca-Cola Lindley has bought 37 Brazilian Mercedes-Benz Atego. The renewed fleet will optimize the efficiency of beverage delivery. In Peru Coca-Cola Lindley – besides Coca-Cola – mostly distributes the popular golden soft drink Inka Kola. The robust and agile Atego is perfectly suited for the not-very-prissy inner city traffic as well as the steep and narrow alleys of the suburbs. The Atego also brings with it a low downtime and a comfortable cabin that seats up to five people. In addition to the driver, a cashier and three loaders find enough space there. An important factor for the buyer’s decision was the extensive Mercedes-Benz network of branches and service stations. Just behind Argentina and Chile, Peru comes third on the Mercedes-Benz do Brasil export market ranking. The total number of exported trucks with a star on the grille rose to 6,500 – a plus of 43 per cent (YtD 09/2017).

Source: Daimler AG