Access to the world of connectivity and fleet services offered by Mercedes-Benz Vans: The compact Mercedes PRO Adapter enables customers to use initial services from Mercedes PRO connect for their fleets. When inserted into the slot in the vehicle, the adapter establishes a connection between the vehicle, driver and fleet manager. The web-based service links the fleet manager with all vehicles and drivers in the fleet via the Vehicle Management Tool. Initially the Mercedes PRO Adapter will be available for Vito and Sprinter vehicles in 19 European markets, with others set to follow.

The Mercedes PRO Adapter makes it possible to manage orders online as well as to check vehicle information such as location, fuel level or maintenance intervals almost in real time. Users communicate with the fleet manager via the Mercedes PRO Adapter app on their mobile device. As well as optimising vehicle dispatching, efficient interaction between fleet managers and users gives fleet customers ranging from micro businesses to medium-sized fleets considerable scope for improvement when it comes to scheduling jobs and planning routes. It also reduces the effort required for the business analysis. Additional services from Mercedes PRO connect are already being planned, along with support for other model series by way of an integrated ex-factory solution in new vehicles.

Access to first connectivity and fleet services
“The Mercedes PRO Adapter gives our customers access to advanced connectivity and fleet solutions. These services make the fleet manager’s life noticeably easier, can reduce costs and enable resources to be optimised when scheduling drivers and vehicles. Customers will also benefit who want to leverage all the technical possibilities of their existing fleet containing Vito and Sprinter vehicles in order to boost efficiency and make their business more professional. Looking ahead, we will continue aligning Mercedes PRO connect connectivity and fleet services with our customers’ requirements and to work with them in order to develop and optimise our portfolio on an ongoing basis”, explains Björn Sack, Head of Project Connectivity Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Everything at a glance – from vehicle status to driver’s log
Clearly laid out and easy to use, the Vehicle Management Tool provides the fleet manager with an overview of the fleet in a fast and straightforward manner. At the market launch of the Mercedes PRO Adapter, the Mercedes PRO connect offering includes five core services: Vehicle Supervision, Vehicle Operations, Fleet Communication, Maintenance Management and the Digital Driver’s Log. Vehicle Supervision displays all relevant vehicle data such as status and its usage over a defined period. Integrated vehicle alerts help to minimise idle times and downtimes. Vehicle Operations include accessing the location of vehicles almost in real time or providing information about when a vehicle enters or leaves a defined area (geofencing). Sending messages, addresses or contact details between the Vehicle Management Tool and the Mercedes PRO Adapter app improves fleet communication, while information about upcoming maintenance facilitates Maintenance Management. Finally, the Digital Driver’s Log automatically captures details of trips and distances driven, and helps to differentiate between business and private trips.

Before every trip, its purpose can be set using the Mercedes PRO Adapter. The status “Business” transmits all relevant vehicle and driver data to the system and thus to the fleet manager. When the status “Private” or “Commute” is selected, information in the vehicle log is anonymised in accordance with data protection policies. In these cases, position information and the start and end times of the trip are not transmitted and the vehicle will not be included in the Vehicle Supervision view.

Registration via retailers
Accessing this new world of connectivity is as straightforward as expected: following registration via an authorised dealer, an account that includes the vehicle fleet and fleet manager is created for the Vehicle Management Tool. A few steps is all it takes to add drivers in the Vehicle Management Tool. The vehicle with Mercedes PRO Adapter can then be taken into operation in conjunction with the Mercedes PRO Adapter app. To use the Vehicle Management Tool, all that is required is an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser. The Mercedes PRO Adapter app can be used on all common Android and iOS smartphones and can be downloaded from the respective app stores. All services within the Mercedes PRO Adapter app and the Vehicle Management Tool are intuitive to use thanks to a modern user interface and simple menu navigation. All information about the Mercedes PRO mobility, connectivity, financial and fleet solutions can be found online at

Source: Daimler AG