Prosegur, the leading private security company in Brazil, relies on Mercedes-Benz Trucks when it comes to transportation of valuables. About 96 percent of the 1,650 vehicles bear the star. The flagship of the fleet is the Axor 2644. Brazil’s biggest armored truck safely brings up to 74 tons of freight to its intended destination.

To satisfy the increased need for transport solutions, Prosegur also bought 134 compact valuables transporter, based on the Mercedes‑Benz truck chassis 915 E. One of the security features of the custom-built vehicle is the “Expanded Polyurethane Injection System”. If unauthorized persons manage to advance to the safe, a quickly hardening polyurethane spray is released into the interior space of the safety cabinet. In less than 22 seconds all valuables are safely wrapped – surely Q would have liked this!

Source: Daimler Trucks