smart is accompanying the market launch of the new smart electric drive models with an unprecedented, international social media and digital campagn. Since June 23 2017, smart fans and other interested in Germany and Spain can apply for participation in “smart electric drive Carsino” at Participants are required to put up their old car as a stake, which will later be pressed into the form of an oversized dice. It is with this “car dice” that the two finalists from Germany and Spain will compete for the main prize against two other participants from Belgium and the Netherlands in a major live event at the beginning of September: the player who scores the highest number will win a new smart fortwo electric drive. The campaign is supported by social media influencers from the beginning. In Germany it will be Esther Sedlaczek and in Spain Adriana Abenia who will give a shout out on their own channels for participation and will accompany the finalists throughout the entire campaign.

“With the smart electric drive Carsino campaign, we are going on a new path for digital communication. The social media activation is drawing attention to our new smart electric drive models in an unsual way, says Daniel Lescow, Head of Brand and Product Management at smart. “We combine digital content and game elements into an intelligent mix. The cooperation with relevant social media personalities also gives the campaign a high degree of authenticity and credibility.” For the launch of the application phase, smart is publishing the attention-grabbing and emotive teaser film “Puppy”. With a wink, the film tells the story of a father who has to part with a cherished “member of the family”.

Source: smart