“Proud to share” is the new car2go brand claim. The cars of the international market leader in the flexible carsharing sector are now out and about on the streets presenting this emotional statement. The campaign was started in Stuttgart and the Austrian capital Vienna, where the slogan has adorned the new Mercedes models since the end of April. The entire car2go fleet of around 14,000 cars in 26 international locations will now, step by step, become visual ambassadors of “Proud to share”.

“Proud to share” was developed in cooperation with the agency Scholz & Friends and is aimed at the next generation of car lovers who want to get around independently and flexibly. “car2go facilitates mobility in everyday city life – but we also offer much more”, explains Raphael Stange, CMO of the car2go Group GmbH. “We serve an urban, cosmopolitan target group which always wants to be flexible, act sustainably and see themselves as part of something bigger. The “Proud to share” claim perfectly suits this target group and reflects the pride felt when sharing a premium car with other people.”

Olivier Reppert, CEO of the car2go Group GmbH adds: With “Proud to share”, we directly address our existing and future customers and once again emphasize what sharing a car with other people really means. Carsharing is popular, because it is flexible, spontaneous and comfortable. At the same time, it improves the life quality in cities and will significantly impact the mobility of the future – all matters which make one proud to be part of the car2go community.”

car2go now has over 2.4 million users – and the trend is upwards. Current studies predict that the worldwide proportion of carsharing users will increase fivefold to 36.7 million by 2025. With the new “Proud to share” claim, car2go reinforces not only its international market leadership in the free floating carsharing sector, but also its excellent position within the sharing economy.

Source: car2go