An increasing number of travelers is using free-floating carsharing from car2go. In the first quarter of 2017, the number of cross-border rentals increased by 80 percent to 33,000 journeys. This figure includes both business travel as well as tourist visits in European car2go locations.

The sharing of vehicles in Germany by customers from other European locations is popular. The number increased in the first quarter by 79 percent to 19,500 journeys. In addition, German customers are increasingly using the car2go service in European cities in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria. Here, the number increased by 80 percent to 13,500 journeys.

The segment of transnational rentals is growing dynamically and getting a bigger part of the total number of car2go journeys.

In 2016, car2go increased its rentals by 40 percent to 22 million. The international market leader has over 2.4 million customers worldwide in 26 locations, with over 1.3 million of the customers in the 14 European locations.

car2go is the ideal form of mobility for people who travel a lot, says car2go CEO Olivier Reppert: “Whether for a vacation or business travel, whoever wants to be out and about in other cities welcomes the practical and simple use of the car2go carsharing service. Our customers see themselves as part of an international community who like to share a car even beyond their own country’s borders.”

Through simple roaming, all European customers can use the car2go services in other European countries. Customers simply have to agree to the local terms and conditions and are ready to drive off straight away.

Source: car2go