Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd. announced today that it is merging both car sharing operations in China, car2go and Car2Share, to focus on better serving the needs of local consumers. The consolidated car2go China Co., Ltd. will be headed by Ms. Chen Bing as Chief Executive Officer. With this move, the company demonstrates its commitment to expanding car sharing services locally. Building on its role as the first premium car manufacturer whose expertise lays in to offer both free-floating and station-based car sharing services in China, the consolidation of the two brands is an important milestone in the strategic expansion of mobility services. With the consolidation of all local car sharing operations now under one roof, the company can provide the right mobility solution for every situation, with mobility at fingertips via a smartphone.

Mr. Alexandre Mallmann, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd.: “Daimler is not just a manufacturer of safe and fascinating automobiles. As the first premium manufacturer to bring car sharing to China, we are also a pioneer in mobility services. Now by combining the power of these two great brands, we are showing our innovation and determination to move car sharing forward with an even stronger strategic focus in China.”

Ms. Chen Bing, Chief Executive Officer, car2go China Co., Ltd.: “Our aim with car2go China is that by providing users with services perfect for any occasion, more and more Chinese customers can choose alternate mobility solutions for their daily travels. With our expertise in both free-floating and station-based services, we can provide customers with an even better mobility service experience.”

Source: Daimler AG