Mercedes-Benz Trucks is the first manufacturer worldwide to get the new Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4) safety assistance system with pedestrian detection and Sideguard Assist for the Mercedes-Benz Actros on the road. Following its unveiling in late September 2016 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover, Germany, the first Actros trucks featuring the new safety system have been delivered since December 2016.

Silo and tank tractor/trailer combinations: All safety systems 100 percent onboard

One of the first customers to put an Actros tractor unit on the road with the full safety pack (ABA 4 with pedestrian detection, Lane Keeping Assist, Proximity Control Assist, Attention Assist and driver’s airbag) and Sideguard Assist is SiloNet, a company based in Beckum and Sulingen, two towns in north-west Germany. The business, which was established in 2015 as a 50:50 joint venture between haulage company Gerdes und Landwehr and Holcim Deutschland (Germany’s leading manufacturer of building materials), is using the Actros 1843 with silo semitrailer to transport cement, raw materials for cement and pulverised lignite, primarily on a regional basis. On these transport routes containing a high proportion of urban area, the new safety systems provided by Mercedes-Benz Trucks can help to considerably reduce accident figures. The installation of active safety systems in the Actros models is correspondingly high.

Marcus Woldt, Mercedes-Benz truck sales consultant at the company-owned sales and service outlet in Hanover, looks after SiloNet and says: “Safety requirements are extremely high in the silo and tank trucking sector. That is why 100 percent of all tractor/semitrailer combinations will be fitted with our safety pack.”

Increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists

Not only can the new ABA 4 automatically brake for vehicles in front or stationary obstacles within system limits, it also issues an audible and visual warning if pedestrians cross in front and, if required, initiates partial braking. This enables the truck driver to respond with maximum full-stop braking or to make an evasive steering manoeuvre.

What is more, new radar-based Sideguard Assist can warn the driver – both audibly and visually – about stationary or moving obstacles on the nearside of the truck. These warnings are based on critical scenarios from accident analysis. The system is specially designed for the turning situation involving pedestrians and cyclists, as well as for changing to the nearside lane. As a result Sideguard Assist offers essential support to the driver when making cornering and turning manoeuvres in unclear situations.

Source: Daimler AG