With the moovel chatbot for Facebook Messenger, the moovel Group GmbH extends its mobility offer with an additional messenger service. Via the moovel chatbot, users of Facebook Messenger can now access public transport information for an increasing number of cities worldwide and also find out where all available vehicles of the car2go car-sharing provider are located.

In order to allow users permanent access to an urban mobility network, the moovel group GmbH has extended its mobility offer to include both the Facebook and Slack messenger services. With the introduction of the moovel chatbot for Facebook Messenger, moovel now provides access to urban mobility for over one billion Facebook Messenger users directly in the chat: With just one click, the user can send his location to the bot and immediately receive information on all available local public transport connections – without having to leave the Messenger. Additionally, the moovel chatbot assists users in travelling from A to B by not only showing all local public transport connections, it also shows all available car2go vehicles as a further option. The user can share the connections with his friends in the chat. The moovel chatbot is accessible at http://m.me/PublicTransportMoovel and functions in mobile Facebook Messenger on both iOS and Android as well as on the web.

Access to mobility – anywhere, anytime
“With moovel, we want to provide our users with simple and direct access to an urban mobility network – anytime, anywhere. The moovel chatbot for Facebook Messenger offers a new option for finding suitable train and bus connections or available car2go vehicles – and exactly at the location where our users already are”, explains Jörg Lamparter, CEO moovel Group GmbH.

A large part of daily private and business communication already takes place via messenger services and the tendency is increasing. According to a representative survey on behalf of the digital association Bitkom, a good two thirds (69 percent) of Internet users in Germany over 14 years of age use a messenger service. Chatbots offer users the opportunity to carry out various things directly in the chat without a media disruption. For service providers, they offer an interface through which their services can be made accessible to a large user group. Mobility bots may play an important role in the future as automated assistants in messengers.

Since this summer, the moovel chatbot has already been available for the Slack messenger service, which has over 3 million active users per day. Slack is used by many businesses – above all, from the start-up sector – as an office management system. moovel also makes use of it in this way. The classical application case for moovel chatbot is a user who sits at their desk in the office and wants to know when the next bus leaves or whether a car-sharing vehicle is available close by. The moovel bot for Slack can be added by a team administrator using the following link: https://movl.co/moovelforslack

Source: moovel