Twelve women, twelve personalities, twelve automotive characters: the Mercedes-Benz passenger car calendar 2017 is very much themed “She’s Mercedes”. World-famous and influential women each present a Mercedes model with their own personal perspective. The wall calendar showcases the brand with the star in a unique, emotional way from the point of view of women.

Whether it’s the AMG GT Coupé, C-Class Cabriolet or an SL Roadster from 1981 – for the wall calendar “She’s Mercedes” 2017 every car is photographically portrayed by a woman. But the testimonials are behind, not in front of, the camera. Personalities like the actresses Lucy Liu and Heike Makatsch, the musicians Alison Mosshart and Patti Smith plus ex-racing driver Susie Wolff explain the thoughts which inspired them for their photo motifs.

Whether it’s in an underground car park, in the great outdoors or in front of graffiti in a metropolis – during shooting the women decided on a striking bodywork detail or a cockpit including their own personal companion such as audio tapes.

Mercedes-Benz Pkw Kalender 2017: „She’s Mercedes“: Der Blickfang für 2017

Kerstin Heiligenstetter, Head of She’s Mercedes, comments: “Our twelve women implement their own personal perspectives in completely different, individual photo motifs – ‘through her eyes’, so to speak. Through the expressive photographs the “She’s Mercedes” calendar 2017 facilitates a very feminine, emotional and unusual view of the selected Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG models.”

Alison Mosshart, front woman of the indie rock band “The Kills” has portrayed the AMG GT sports car: “I wanted to analyse the feeling of a fast car. The speed, the rush – which happens simultaneously in the engine and in the driver’s thoughts. For me it feels lawless, like a Wild West dream scene when the speed, the loud rumble of the engine and a shouting stereo effect suddenly meet on the open road. Adrenaline, power, bliss, triumph.”

Ethiopia Habtemariam, President of Motown Records and President of Urban Music at the Universal Music Publishing Group, decided on the GLE Coupé: “It was quite a surprise when Mercedes-Benz asked me to photograph one of their powerful SUVs for the calendar – above all because only a short time ago I opted for the iconic G‑C lass. For my photo shoot I chose the Mercedes‑AMG GLE Coupé. From my vantage point I wanted to add style and glamour to this really elegant car. I hope that my eye opens up a window on the soul of this fine, fine driving machine.”

The pairings from January to December 2017 at a glance:
Patti Smith (CLS Coupé)
Alison Mosshart (AMG GT Coupé)
Dr Gertrud Höhler (SL Roadster)
Susie Wolff (GLC Coupé)
Olivia Newton-John (GLE 500 e 4MATIC)
Heike Makatsch (280 SL, 1981)
Léa Linster (C-Class Cabriolet)
Petra Němcová (GLC)
Anna Netrebko (S-Class Saloon)
Ethiopia Habtemariam (AMG GLE Coupé)
Lucy Liu (GLS)
Atsuko Kuno (S-Class Coupé)

The agency antoni in Berlin is behind the idea, design and implementation of the “She’s Mercedes” passenger car calendar. It is available from all Mercedes-Benz company-owned sales and service outlets and sales partners for €32.90 or at