“Mercedes-Benz SL – Six Decades of Fascination” is the title of a new book on the iconic model series of the Stuttgart-based brand. The book is published by Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart. Running to 528 pages, it provides in-depth information on every SL from 1952 through to the current 2017 model year. With over 800 photos (some previously unpublished), comprehensive tables and complete descriptions of all SL special models, it is a sumptuous textbook and reference work. An online link also gives access to promotional films and brochures. The book is now available at a price of 69 euros.

“On 6 February 1954, Mercedes-Benz caused a worldwide sensation with the unveiling of the 300 SL,” writes Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, in the foreword. “Developed from the 1952 racing car of the same name, the 300 SL was in its day the world’s fastest standard-production vehicle and was to become the ultimate dream sports car. Its distinctive gull-wing doors, a direct consequence of the innovative space frame, caused just as much of a stir as the car’s breathtaking performance.”

This was the starting signal for a success story that has endured to this day. The Mercedes-Benz SL is synonymous with the successful fusion of sportiness, comfort, safety and styling. Produced with extensive support from Daimler AG and its archives, the new book from Motorbuch Verlag tells the complete story of the SL from 1952 through to the present day. The work in no way seeks to act as a substitute for existing monographs on the individual SL model series. Its great strength lies in the unity with which it for the first time presents all nine previous model series in one comprehensive book with fascinating photos and detailed information from the company’s archives.

Umfassendes Lese- und Nachschlagewerk: Alle Mercedes-Benz SL seit 1952 in einem Buch

Added to this are numerous details on each model series in a form previously unpublished. For example, a glimpse into the design studios of the mid-1960s, when thought was already being given to the successor to the “Pagoda” SL and to a mid-engined configuration as an addition to the SL model range. The chapter on the 107 model series is supplemented by authentic colour photos of motor sport activities with the SLC coupés in the late 1970s. Also with a comprehensive description of all special models and unique specimens of the 129, 230 and 231 model series, the book delivers valuable facets of the SL story in both word and picture.

Authenticity, precision and aesthetics are conveyed by the “tender drawings” prepared by the Mercedes-Benz design department, with a total of over 30 variants documenting the W 194 to R 129 model series.

An additional online link via a QR code or a web link affords access to original brochures on all SL model series as well as to unique film material. The 1952 racing season with Mercedes-Benz’s double victory in the famous 3rd Carrera Panamericana? Available as a film, as well as, for example, a glimpse into the production of the 300 SL in Sindelfingen or promotional films on more recent SL model series.

Mercedes-Benz SL – Six Decades of Fascination
Published by: Daimler AG
Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart
528 pages
Large format, 23.5 x 31.2 centimetres
ISBN 978-3-613-03908-7
69 euros

The new standard reference work on the SL is available at bookshops and in the Mercedes-Benz Museum shop as well as online through Motorbuch Verlag (http://www.motorbuch-versand.de/) and the Mercedes-Benz Classic Store (http://www.mercedes-benz-classic-store.com/).

Source: Mercedes-Benz Classic