The motifs of the Mercedes-Benz Classic calendar for 2017 have an astoundingly realistic feel to them. The calendar is entitled “With passion to scale”:the lavishly photographed scenes show legendary classics from the Stuttgart company’s history – as 1:18-scale models. The Classic calendar for 2017 costs 29.90 euros.Advance orders can be placed online at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Store now ( From the end of October it will also be available in the Mercedes-Benz Museum Shop.

These pictures only reveal their secrets at second or third glance. On closer scrutiny, it becomes apparent that the twelve pages of the Mercedes-Benz Classic 2017 calendar “With passion to scale” do not depict real vehicles, but lavish 1:18-scale model cars. The “optical illusion” is down to the atmospheric presentation of the miniatures. The models come both from Mercedes-Benz’s own Classic Store and from renowned manufacturers such as CMC, Minicamps, Norev and Schuco.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Kalender 2017: Große Bühne für zwölf kleine Schätze

The calendar measuring 69 x 49 centimetres will provide a showcase for these little gems in 2017 and beyond.The year gets off to a powerful start in January with the Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG racing tourer (model series 109) from 1971 in an idyllic snow-covered landscape. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “winter sports”. This is followed by the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman saloon (W 100) against an industrial backdrop featuring psychedelic colours appropriate to the late 1960s and then the operational fire-brigade turntable ladder with Metz body based on the Mercedes-Benz L 6600 from 1950.

Highlights and a play of colours
April sees the 300 SL Roadster (W 198) from 1957 cruising along Route 66 in North America.The pastel colours of night-time neon signs are reflected in its paintwork together with highlights from the street lamps. The Mercedes-Benz racing transporter is only two years older. The one-off vehicle which is also known as the “Blue Wonder” features in May against the architecturally outstanding backdrop of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, which opened in 2006. On its loading area the racing transporter carries a W 196 R Formula 1 racing car with streamlined body.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Kalender 2017: Große Bühne für zwölf kleine Schätze

In June, the Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution from 1989 makes an appearance as a reserved super sports car in civilian black paintwork. July features a motif depicting a dream holiday at the seaside with the O 319 as a luxurious minibus with panoramic roof and two-tone paintwork in cream and red. August moves on to the world of the Silver Arrows. The motif shows a W 125 racing car taking a sweeping bend on a mountain road.

Autumn begins with an early Unimog of the U 401 model series in demanding terrain (September), followed by the luxurious Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Coupé of model series 111 from 1968 (October) and the elegant young classic 300 CE-24 Cabriolet (A 124) from 1992 (November). The calendar closes in December with the Mercedes Simplex 28/32 hp from 1904, lit up by the sun in a winter forest.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Kalender 2017: Große Bühne für zwölf kleine Schätze

The art of showcasing
Various elements contribute to the realistic character of the photographs. Firstly, the vehicle models were patinated by an expert. This involved applying simulated traces of use and wear or signs of the weather prevailing in the motif to the miniature vehicles. At the photographic studio the replicas of the classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles were then positioned precisely in accordance with the given motif, showcased through the artistic use of light and duly photographed. In these studio photos, the realistic-looking setting was also created in most cases by the adept use of perspective, depth of focus and appropriate materials.Or the photograph was digitally blended with the background motif. The result is always the same: an astonishingly lifelike overall impression.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Classic