The world of connectivity is now also extending to the service booklet as evidence of maintenance work undertaken: from October 2016, Mercedes-Benz Trucks will be introduce a Digital Service Booklet (DSB) in 30 European countries. This replaces the conventional paper-based service book entries and ensures seamless online documentation of all maintenance work undertaken. The booklet will be available for Mercedes-Benz Actros, Antos, Arocs, Atego and Econic, and its use brings benefits for the customer and the workshop in equal measure.

For truck customers, a visit to the workshop normally involves the loss of valuable time that could be spent carrying goods. At this point the Digital Service Booklet becomes relevant. Of particular note here is that all maintenance and servicing work on the truck is now fully documented in digital form, while a print-out can be provided to the customer at any time upon request. This immediate and comprehensive data transparency makes it easier for the workshop to log the job as well as to plan repair and maintenance work or emissions and safety inspections, and thus shorten the stay in the workshop.

For trucks travelling on transnational routes, far away from the home workshop, the Digital Service Booklet also provides valuable assistance. Even in another country, it is a straightforward step for workshops to access the Digital Service Booklet in their own language in order to be able to see relevant data and information. The system can be used by all authorised Mercedes-Benz service outlets, but also by independent workshops who have previously registered to do so. This brings clear benefits above all to authorised fleet operators, who are able to access the complete service history of a vehicle online. This is stored for the full operating life of the vehicle.

The Digital Service Booklet also proves its worth when a vehicle is sold: the transparency it gives over completed maintenance work, and its seamless tracking of the vehicle’s mileage, provide protection against attempts to manipulate data – the maintenance history remains verifiable, thus adding to the resale value of the Mercedes-Benz truck. Even in the event of a service report being lost, any authorized Mercedes-Benz workshop is still able to access the information at any time and provide information as necessary.

Source: Daimler AG