Uke Bosse, the friendly night watchman at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, has returned: At noon today the second series of the award-winning online format “Museum Monday” starts with ten new episodes. These three to five-minute episodes appear every two weeks, and always on Mondays when the Mercedes-Benz Museum is closed. In one episode the fictitious night watchman Uke receives VIP support on his walks through the Museum and the brand history of Mercedes-Benz. Racing driver David Coulthard and the TV presenter and computer game expert Etienne Gardé also take part. The English-language videos, which are aimed at an international public, can be seen on the Facebook page of the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is a huge public attraction. And that not only applies to the building itself. It has been visited by more than seven million people since opening its doors in 2006. The Museum also presents itself successfully on the internet and in the social media. The online format “Museum Monday” is particularly popular, with the TV presenter and journalist Uke Bosse playing the part of a doddery night watchman.

“Museum Monday” had its premiere in January 2015, initially with five episodes. The videos appear on Mondays, the only day when the Mercedes-Benz Museum is closed. The series immediately became popular with the public: more than 2.6 million users followed the first series on Facebook. In June 2015 the format received the German Award for Online Communication in the “Online Video Channel” category, and in October 2015 it won silver in the Annual Multimedia Award 2016.


The second series of these web videos, this time with ten episodes, builds on the successful first year. When filming the new series last autumn, the makers of “Museum Monday” had the benefit of valuable input from the fans. Because there had been a lively discussion in the social media about the further development of this successful format, complete with suggestions and ideas for the new series. This interactive process is one of the strengths of “Museum Monday”.

In principle the second series follows the success formula of the first episodes: playing the part of a humorous night watcman, Uke Bosse takes his viewers on a virtual trip through the Mercedes-Benz Museum, and therefore also through the brand history of the Stuttgart-based company, from the invention of the automobile by Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler 130 years ago to the present day. As a new feature, he is now also assisted by VIP guests such as the former racing driver David Coulthard and the TV presenter and gamer Etienne Gardé.

Source: Daimler AG