The Mercedes-Benz GLC achieves the top score in the Euro NCAP rating. The new mid-size SUV has received five stars, continuing the Mercedes-Benz success story in impressive style. In 2014 the GLA, C-Class and V-Class were likewise awarded five stars by Euro NCAP.

The GLC has achieved five stars for occupant safety, child safety, pedestrian protection and its assistance systems – giving it the maximum score in the Euro NCAP rating. The basis for this outstanding result is the perfect interaction between active and passive safety: the combination of a highly rigid safety passenger cell, highly effective restraint systems, the latest driver assistance systems and other measures leads to first-class test results.

“The new GLC’s gratifying result in the Euro NCAP rating confirms the success of our efforts in the areas of active and passive safety,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rodolfo Schöneburg, Head of Vehicle Safety, Durability and Corrosion Protection at Mercedes-Benz Cars. “We will continue to intensify our efforts in the future, so as to provide the best possible safety not only for drivers and passengers in a Mercedes-Benz, but also for more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.”

Real Life Safety plus Intelligent Drive
Assessment by means of crash ratings is only one aspect of the comprehensive safety philosophy followed by Mercedes-Benz. Thanks to the knowledge acquired as a result of accident research conducted in-house, the GLC has also been systematically designed with real-world accidents in mind. In this way, Mercedes‑Benz is once again highlighting the leading role it plays as a safety pioneer in the field of automotive safety. The comprehensive approach taken by Mercedes-Benz accident research centres on avoiding accidents completely or mitigating their consequences. The company uses the term “Real Life Safety” to describe this approach.
Almost all of the driver assistance systems which are familiar from the C-, E- and S‑Class are available for the new GLC. As part of the Intelligent Drive concept, these systems combine data from various sensor technologies to substantially enhance comfort and safety. COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS, Crosswind Assist, Headlamp Assist and ATTENTION ASSIST are on board as standard. The Driving Assistance package Plus provides an even more comprehensive range of active safety features, comprising HISTRIONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot, PRE-SAFE Brake with pedestrian detection, BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist and PRE-SAFE PLUS.

These measures exceeding the bounds of the actual Euro NCAP rating have been acknowledged by Euro NCAP with two so-called “Advanced Rewards” for PRE‑SAFE® and ATTENTION ASSIST.

Best possible protection for more vulnerable road users
The protection of more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists is also taken very seriously by Mercedes-Benz. The GLC is equipped with an active bonnet which is raised by 80 millimetres during an impact to provide additional deformation space. Under the bonnet, the package has been further optimised with a new engine cover and deformable air intake, creating yet more deformation space. In this way the GLC meets the stringent pedestrian protection requirements of Euro-NCAP, which go well beyond the legal requirements.

BAS PLUS warns the driver when pedestrians are detected in the danger zone by the stereo camera. The PRE-SAFE® Brake with pedestrian recognition triggers autonomous braking when the system detects a pedestrian in the danger zone and the driver does not react to the system’s warnings. This pedestrian detection forming part of the optionally available Driving Assistance package Plus represents a milestone in preventing accidents with pedestrians or mitigating their consequences.

Source: Daimler AG