Things are getting musical at smart in the run-up to Christmas. With its campaign “The Sound of Christmas”, the brand is inviting all its fans to create their own Christmas song online and share it with friends and family. To this end smart has reinterpreted the Christmas carol “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”. The special feature is this: The Discoball smart, a smart fortwo completely covered with small, light-reflecting glass panels, itself becomes a musical instrument and a central part of the composition. Musical backup comes from the New Zealand singer/songwriter Graham Candy, famous for hits like „She Moves (Far away)”, Alle Farben. Up to 26 December 2015, fans of the brand are able to compose their individual smart Christmas song at and share on social media or by e-Card.

To compose a personal version of “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”, four different sound tracks can be combined at will with several choices and sound variants. This makes a total of 512 different versions of the Christmas song available. For each choice there is a video featuring either Graham Candy or the Discoball smart that visualizes the played music.

Graham Candy is not only the musical ambassador, but is also publishing photos and links covering the campaign via his social media channels. A 20-second teaser film on social media such as YouTube and Facebook ensures public attention. It shows Graham Candy entering the festively decorated sound studio and being welcomed by the Discoball smart with rhythmical vehicle noises. At first Candy is perplexed, but then he understands the invitation. Users find out for themselves what happens next when they visit the campaign website. In addition, regular posts with photos, text and links on the smart Facebook channels encourage users to take part in the Christmas campaign.

Fans of the brand can also win smart Christmas tree decorations. On Instagram the campaign is presented with nine short video loops, which at the end will result in an overall image. These show individual sequences with Graham Candy and the Discoball smart in the sound studio.