Next to the classic farmer, contractors with their own vehicle and machine park play a growing part in agriculture. This is one of the trends at the Agritechnica, the biggest fairs of agricultural engineering that will open its gates this November in Hannover. The fair- presentation of Mercedes Benz addresses very strongly the needs of those service providers who are not only working in agriculture but also in the municipal sector, e.g. in garden maintenance and winter service – both these areas have always been the domains of the Unimog carrier. The municipal technology has been holding its ground as a topic of its own at the Agritechnica for years now. In many work fields there are similar requirements for vehicles and equipment.

Effective working in the field and hihghest efficiency on distances of transport
In this environment of highly specialized agricultural working methods the Unimog Arocs and the Unimog by Mercedes-Benz are right where it belongs. The Unimog offers a diverse, highly professional use of equipment on the basis of economical and environmentally-compatible drive technology for vehicle and attachments. Therefore, everything at the Mercedes-Benz booth revolves around the effective working operation in the field and highest efficiency on distances of transport that continue to grow and on which freight volume continues to increase.

Efficient carrier also in agriculture
High utilization through de-icing in winter and cleaning operations and wood maintenance in times of transition – that is the everyday life lived by many contractors who are mainly working in agriculture. They especially appreciate the core competence of the Unimog which its unrestricted application throughout the year. In addition to front and rear there are four attachment areas available for a variety of equipment – between the axis and on the chassis. The powerful hydraulic system supplies the attachments with just exactly the amount of energy that is required using the new Load-Sensing Technology.

Furthermore, we have the good transport characteristics of the Unimog, its high towing weight up to 40 t with a load capacity of 40 t, as well as the unrestricted suitability for the motorway thanks to a high speed of 90 km/h. The Unimog with two biaxial agricultural trailers is able to profit from the maximally permitted length of transport of 18 m. As a matter of fact, vehicles with a permit as a farming tractor or grain carrier that are being used for transporting agricultural goods or work can be made exempt from road toll for lorries in Germany. The Unimog can also make use of that, along with the exemption of the driving ban for Sundays on the motorway.

Tire pressure controlling system and new hydraulics offer better performances
The hydraulic system of the Unimog works demand – oriented with the means of a Load-Sensing –System to the end of only using the amount of energy that is actually needed in that moment. This new hydraulic system however is compatible with attachments through a special valve block that need a constant energy supply as it is the case e.g. with various communal vehicles. The integrated tire pressure regulation system “tirecontrol plus” has been completely new designed. The preconfigured right tire pressure for the respective operation can now be set up automatically and comfortably on the display, a process wherein you can choose between „street“, „sand“ and „bad road“. An almost custom-made technology for operations in agriculture that always entail frequent changes between loose and firm surfaces in which case it is paramount to drive with as little ground contact pressure as possible. The proverbial good driving qualities of the Unimog out in the field are also due to the portal axel that provides high ground clearing. Thus the agricultural user benefits while driving in the field since there remains enough room between the vehicle and the swath and plants.

Source: Daimler AG