Mercedes-AMG DTM drivers Lucas Auer and Maximilian Götz returned to their motor racing roots on Monday, 15 June 2015, as they joined disabled youngsters from the Böblingen Lebenshilfe charity and children from the club for a karting session while visiting Böblingen Rally Club. In addition, the two DTM drivers signed lots of autographs for the young kart drivers and regaled them with stories about everyday life as a racing driver.

“The atmosphere at the rally club’s training ground in Böblingen immediately reminded of my time in karting,” said DTM rookie Lucas Auer. The Austrian driver laid the foundations for his career in motorsport in various kart racing series between 2001 and 2010. “It was nice to see how much fun the kids had karting. Motorsport has the effect of arousing amazing emotions even at a tender age.”

Böblingen Rally Club has set up a kart slalom course especially for children and teenagers. As part of their Motorsport & Inclusion project, the club built a kart trailer for disabled children last year, enabling children with and without disabilities to go out on the kart slalom track together.

Two karts have been coupled together, using a trailer hitch. Even the most severely disabled children can go out on track in the rear kart. In contrast to a regular kart, the trailer has a bucket seat with built-in headrest and a four-point harness. A floor plate protects the passenger’s feet. It was designed by the father of one of the kart club members, who works full-time as an engineer at Daimler AG.

“Böblingen Rally Club’s creation and their commitment to motorsport and inclusion are truly wonderful,” said Maximilian Götz. Like most racing drivers, he too began his career in karting in 1996. “It was really good fun, driving around the track with the children in the converted kart and giving them a taste of what motor racing is like. I believe that they were just as happy as Lucas and me afterwards.”

Böblingen Lebenshilfe was set up as a charity in 1964. Apart from giving advice on matters pertaining to social law, its main role is to run a variety of recreational activities for children, young people and adults with and without disabilities. The main focus of the inclusion project is to work on a range of schemes in conjunction with associations and institutions in and around Böblingen such as the Böblingen Rally Club.

Source: Mercedes AMG DTM