By opening an all-new parts distribution center in Guangzhou, Daimler Northeast Asia Parts Trading and Services Co. (DPTS), responsible for the after sales parts logistics of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, vans and trucks, has taken another major step forward in providing an efficient spare parts distribution solution for its customers across China.

Daimler Northeast Asia Parts Trading and Services Co., Ltd. (DPTS) Lagerhaus in Guangzhou // Daimler Northeast Asia Parts Trading and Services Co., Ltd. (DPTS) Warehouse in Guangzhou

It is Daimler’s second built-to-suit parts distribution facility in the country and forms a close-knit network with the company’s 5 other regional warehouses (in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunshan, Chengdu and Yangzhou).

“DPTS plays an important role for our customer-first approach in China, by delivering our customers genuine parts in the right quantity, with the right quality and at the right time and place,” said Hubertus Troska, Member of the Board of Management Daimler AG responsible for Greater China. “Going further, we will continue to enhance our parts and after sales logistics infrastructure, being just more proof of our deep root in China’s automotive industry.”

With the addition of the 36,000 square meters Guangzhou facility, DPTS has a total warehouse capacity of approximately 170,000 square meters, stocking more than 53,000 different parts. If needed, the parts can also be delivered within the same day and during Saturday, reaching out across the longest distance of about 4,000 km. At present DPTS is serving 325 Mercedes-Benz passenger car dealers, plus another 52 Mercedes-Benz van and 34 truck outlets, altogether in196 cities across China and with a remarkable service level beyond 96%.

“Our new built-to-suit warehouse will clearly strengthen DPTS’s nationwide network, while underlining both our strong momentum in recent years and confidence into our future in China,” noted Steffen Holzer, CEO of DPTS. “With our genuine parts services we will continue to stand for parts availability, quality and efficiency, which are as important for us as they are for our customers – in China, like elsewhere.”

Source: Daimler AG