Mercedes-Benz remains on its course of success. The Stuttgart-based company sold 120,270 vehicles in February, thus topping the record high level of the previous year’s month by 14.6%.

Mercedes Benz, 4-Matic, Fahrveranstaltung Hochgurgl 2012

“Mercedes-Benz posted another sales record in February. The success is due in particular to the C-Class, our SUVs and our compact cars. We have never before sold so many C-Class Sedans and Estates as well as SUVs and compact cars in the first two months of the year”, said Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales.

In Europe, a total of 50,550 customers took over their new Mercedes-Benz (+17.1%), including 17,494 vehicles for customers in Germany, the largest European market for Mercedes-Benz (+5.8%). On its home market, the Stuttgart-based company is the market leader among the premium manufacturers per February. In the UK, the second-largest European market of Mercedes-Benz, unit sales of the previous year’s month were topped by 19.5% in February. Other European markets like Poland (+92.5%), Spain (+39.6%), Sweden (+34.9%) and Belgium (+36.5%) made a sustainable contribution to the market share gains of Mercedes-Benz in the premium segment with their growth rates.

In the NAFTA region, Mercedes-Benz posted a new record in February with 26,747 vehicles sold (+6.3%). Sales records were achieved in the USA as well as in Canada and Mexico. February sales in the USA totaled 23,616 units (+4.5%). Per February, Mercedes-Benz is the market leader among the premium manufacturers in the USA.

February sales in the Asia-Pacific region rose by 15.5% to 37,992 units. Sales in China reached a new record of 19,979 units (+13.6%) in February, in Japan, a record high level of 5,240 units was achieved (+3.6%). Mercedes-Benz is thus maintaining its market leadership among the premium importers in Japan.

In Russia, Mercedes-Benz posted sales growth of 16.5% in February and achieved a new sales record.

The demand for Mercedes-Benz compact cars continues to develop positively: In February, 35,159 customers opted for a compact car. Thus, the sales record of the previous year’s month was topped by 6,948 units (+24.6%). The first vehicles of the fifth member of the compact car family of Mercedes-Benz, the CLA Shooting Brake, will arrive at the dealers on March 28.

As in January, the C-Class Sedan and Estate posted particular high sales growth in February at 66.6%. The C-Class Sedan was the segment leader in both January and February. In the first two months, a total of 63,878 customers took over their new C-Class Sedan or Estate (+59.1%). Customer deliveries of these model series have never been so high in the first two months of the year.

The E-Class Sedan posted particular high growth in its largest sales market China, where sales were up 16% compared to the previous year’s month. In the context of the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, which measures the long-term quality of vehicles after a three-year holding period, the E-Class and GLK were the chosen winners in their segments in the USA in 2015.

The S-Class is still the best-selling luxury sedan in the world with another sales record of 15,024 units since the beginning of the year (+4.2%). In February, China was the biggest sales market for the sedan with a sales increase of 16.8%.

The SUVs were especially popular in February (+31.1%). The G-Class, the prime father of all SUVs, posted growth of 17.6% and thus a new sales record in February. The near-series show car Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×4² celebrated its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

February sales of the new smart models increased by 12.7% to 8,303 units. Particular high growth rates were posted in the two biggest markets: In Germany, 33% more smart models were sold than in the previous year’s month, and unit sales in Italy were up by 45.3%.

Source: Daimler AG