As the first model of the new smart generation, the smart fortwo rated at 71 hp is now available for ordering with the twinamic dual clutch transmission.

This enables gear shifting to be carried out either fully automatically or manually. Manual shifting is possible using the selector lever in a separate gate or by means of the shift paddles included in the Sports package. The additional charge for the twinamic in Germany in the standard version is 1275 euros; in combination with the passion, prime and proxy lines 1000 euros. The dual clutch transmission is available in combination with the passion, prime and proxy equipment lines. The first smart fortwos with twinamic will be delivered in March 2015.

The twinamic offers the advantage of particularly smooth gear changing without any interruption in tractive power. The smart fortwo rated at 52 kW/71 hp will be available with this state-of-the-art dual clutch transmission as of March 2015. With twinamic, the fortwo accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 15.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of 151 km/h. The combined fuel consumption stands at 4.1 litres of petrol per 100 kilometres, corresponding to a CO2 figure of 94 grams per kilometre.

twinamic: Convenience coupled with efficiency
The twinamic automatic transmission is designed as a 3-shaft dual clutch manual transmission and has six forward gears and one reverse gear. Both clutch actuation and gear changing are fully automatic and enable particularly smooth shifting without any interruption in tractive power. The transmission operates fully automatically. Thanks to the two sub-transmissions, changing to the next highest or lowest gear is immediate and without any loss of tractive power. If required, the electronic controller skips individual gears instead of changing down through each individual gear.