The market launch of the new smart generation on 22 November 2014 brings the new era in the history of the smart brand to the roads and cities.

smart fourfour, W453

The international brand campaign entitled “FOR” has already conveyed emotionally how the brand sets itself apart from the competition: smart embodies the attitude of being FOR something and creates more urban joie de vivre. This attitude is now consistently continued in the two product campaigns. The campaign for the smart fortwo positions the vehicle as being “The urban original”. The campaign for the new smart forfour also continues the umbrella idea “FOR” and demonstrates the distinctive feature of the smart forfour as being “the smart among the four-seaters”. The international campaigns supply content for all communication channels, from print media and TV to online and social media.

“FOR sums up the unique quality of smart in just three letters. The brand, the smart drivers, and especially the employees stand for a new concept of mobility: more colour and joie de vivre, more room and clever solutions, more safety and driving fun in the city. We embrace this fundamental attitude in our communication with colorful, creative and varied elements – and with our new for two and forfour from November we will also put this concept on the road more emphatically than ever before,” remarks smart boss Dr Annette Winkler.

smart fourfour, W453

The product campaigns commence the second and third parts of the international launch communication for the new smart generation and are a seamless continuation of the “FOR” communication.

With the three messages
“FOR being a pioneer.”, “FOR loving the city even more.” and “FOR challenging the status quo.”, the commercial ( shows that the brand and product values go hand in hand. In addition to a 30-second version, three commercials each lasting 15 seconds were made to convey these messages.

The TV commercial for the smart forfour focuses on the fact that this vehicle has been built to meet the demands of the city better than any other four-seater. Five commercials will be shown, lasting 60, 30 and 15 seconds.

The eye-catching print motifs for the smart fortwo have a new, dynamic and colourful look & feel, showing an iconic image of the car. The print communication will be implemented in two phases. In the first phase, the smart fortwo will be positioned as “The urban original” with the three messages “FOR being a pioneer.”, “FOR loving the city even more.” and “FOR challenging the status quo.”. By contrast, the motifs in the second phase will focus on individual features that make the smart fortwo unique and new. The topics range from the exterior (“FOR a colorful city.”) and interior design (“FOR more beauty inside.”) to the turning circle (“FOR rushing through rush hour.”) and packability (“FOR fitting in every gap.”) as well as agility (“FOR more punch per inch.”) and safety (“FOR more safety on streets and seats.”).

Print communication for the smart forfour will also be implemented in two phases. The key message of the first phase is “the smart among the four-seaters.” This focuses on the intelligence of the new four-seater. In a similar way to the smart fortwo, the second phase for the smart forfour will also present new and unique features: intelligence (“FOR rethinking the four-seater.”), exterior (“FOR changing the face of the city again.”), safety (“FOR being safe, secure, steady and sure.”), connectivity (“FOR apps, maps and chats.”), comfort (“FOR more boarding comfort.”), JBL Sound System (“FOR more bassboom.”) and parking (“FOR more parking fun.”).In addition to the traditional print formats, all motifs will also be used in an extensive package of trade marketing materials. The product campaign activities will start for the smart for two on 6 October 2014 and for the smart forfour on 10 November 2014.

Online special: Get ready FOR your Interview Drive
Since the end of July 2014, all those who are interested have been able to experience the new smart fortwo and smart forfour in an interactive online special with the motto “Get ready FOR your Interview Drive”. Until the beginning of October they were able to take part in a competition to be one of the first to experience the new models live in an exclusive advance test drive. The new smart models will be introduced in short filmed episodes at Users will be able to change the content of the film depending on their answers to certain questions. For instance, they can decide which music should be heard in the car or guess what is inside the luggage compartment, entering suggestions in a free text field.

The online special on the international web platform is accompanied by detailed information on the new vehicles. At and the corporate identity and the entire look & feel have been adapted for the launch and the vehicles are presented in many different settings. In addition to the integrated configurator, product details have also been brought to life in innovative film concepts. The worldwide launch of the product pages coincided with the sales release in July 2014.

New digital brand magazine “smart magazine”
Right on time for the launch of the new smart generation, the digital brand magazine has also received a new look and revised content orientation. At existing and prospective customers can find out about new trends for the smart and urban living.

Source: Daimler AG