The Crosswind Assist is standard from June 2014 for further variants of the Sprinter.

It has not yet been a year since the standard Crosswind Assist celebrated its premiere in the large-van segment with the launch of the new Sprinter – at least in a whole series of variants of the panel van and crewbus. The focus was initially on the most common variants. Now the innovative safety system is also part of the standard equipment for many other versions.

On the panel van and crewbus, Crosswind Assist now also comes factory-installed, for example, in the 3.0 t variant. The same applies to the all-wheel-drive Sprinter with 3.5 t as a panel van and crewbus. In the case of the open model variants of the Sprinter, too, the Crosswind Assist is now included. “Open model variants” means: chassis variants, from the pickup to the tipper to vehicles with box bodies. Whereas open model variants usually offer a much smaller attack surface for side wind gusts, large box bodies present a significantly larger attack surface. For this reason, the systems have been re-tested and painstakingly applied to each variant.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Vans