Mercedes-Benz is the official Car Partner of the IRONMAN European Tour for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

With its involvement in the best-known European long-distance triathlon series the premium automotive brand is extending its activities in the elite class of endurance sport. The new V-Class is the youngest and most spacious member of the Stuttgart passenger car family and the ideal car for sporty, active people.

“The IRONMAN European Tour is the ideal platform for addressing discerning people who are sports enthusiasts and active in their leisure time in our most important sales markets and to make the V-Class part of their lifeworld”, says Klaus Maier, Head of Marketing and Sales at Mercedes-Benz Vans. “Versatile and uncompromising like an IRONMAN athlete, our new MPV holds its own in the various disciplines of everyday life. That makes it the perfect vehicle for athletes who have special requirements where space is concerned because of their training and competition equipment, and at the same time need the highest standards from their vehicle where their work and family life is concerned”, says Maier.

In 2014, Mercedes-Benz will be present at nine races in eight countries, including Germany, Denmark, France, Austria and Spain. Mercedes-Benz will also be an important part of the IRONMAN European Championship in Frankfurt am Main, IRONMAN´s premier event in Europe. On 6 July 2014 the international triathlon elite will again compete here in the IRONMAN European Championship.

“IRONMAN and Mercedes-Benz make a perfect and powerful combination. Both brands are renowned for their firm belief in passion, quality and determination to provide their customers with a great experience. We are confident that IRONMAN is the perfect platform to present the new V-Class and are happy to welcome Mercedes-Benz as a major partner of our races and our flagship event in Frankfurt”, adds Thomas Dieckhoff, Chief Executive Officer of IRONMAN Europe, Middle East & Africa.

As well as general support for the IRONMAN European Tour national organisers will have at their disposal V-Class vehicles as a support and shuttle service throughout the year at all the competitions. In addition to this the new Mercedes-Benz MPV is accompanying the European series with wide-ranging communications activities and comprehensive branding along the race course, plus vehicle displays and its own exhibition area at the IRONMAN EXPO at each event location.

Source: Mercedes-Benz