On the eve of the 84th International Motor Show in Geneva, Mercedes-Benz presented its new “Mercedes me” service brand.

Mercedes-Benz at the Media Night, Geneva 2014

Under this new umbrella brand, the Stuttgart-based premium automotive manufacturer is bundling all existing and future service offers, making them easily accessible at any time on a digital platform that is scheduled to go online in Summer 2014. “Mercedes me” is broken down into five areas – “move me”, “connect me”, “assist me”, “finance me” and “inspire me” – and takes into account all product-relevant areas such as the purchasing, financing and servicing of vehicles, as well as Daimler’s internationally acclaimed mobility services. In this way, “Mercedes me” allows all service and mobility areas to be integrated seamlessly and conveniently, thus raising the bar once again for individual customer care.


assist me

“Mercedes-Benz is on a growth course and we are continuing this course with the next step, which comes in the form of “Mercedes me”. Under this brand, we are bundling together a wide range of services relating to our fascinating vehicles. This is far more than just a new website – it is a whole new level of individual customer care”, explained Dr Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Mercedes Me

connect me

The new “Mercedes me” service brand is the next logical step in the sales and marketing initiative entitled “Mercedes-Benz 2020 – Best Customer Experience”. By 2020, growth is not only to be generated by launching new products and vehicle segments, but also by aligning the sales organization and marketing activities with the ever-changing customer needs and wishes. “Best Customer Experience” brings together a number of different marketing, sales and after-sales approaches with a view to providing customers with a consistent premium brand experience through all brand contacts. In future, this attractive initiative will be made available on as broad a basis as possible and will be universally accessible online at all times. As well as in virtual form via a convenient digital platform, it will be available in the innovative and unconventional centrally located city stores, which will be named after the new “Mercedes me” brand. The aim is to create customized offers that are geared towards people and their lives. Accordingly, Mercedes-Benz is bundling its existing and future services under the “Mercedes me” umbrella brand.

Example Cockpit

Example connect me

“With intensive research into future needs and trends, we have long been examining the shift in society and in individual customer needs. However, as drivers of new mobility solutions, our innovation is not limited to product development, but also to developing flexible services that go well beyond automobiles”, stressed Dr Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“Mercedes me” – “The best for me”
With “Mercedes me”, Mercedes-Benz is putting its customers even more at the center of its focus. The guiding principle for the new brand is “The best for me” – regardless of whether the user drives a Mercedes-Benz, another vehicle or none at all. In the five areas – mobility, connectivity, service, financing, and inspiration – the new brand offers a comprehensive range of intelligent, forward-looking services. “In this way, we are making interaction with the world of Mercedes-Benz even more individual, transparent, attractive and convenient”, emphasized Ola Källenius, Member of the Divisional Board Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales.

“The visualization and the logo of the umbrella brand reflect the new concept for bundling all Mercedes-Benz services together. The short form “Mercedes” symbolizes the highly modern accessibility of the brand. The additional hand-written “me” lends the brand a personal touch and conveys its high esteem for our customers. This is further enhanced by a dynamic circle around the word “me”. This shifts the focus even more to our customers and their needs”, explained Dr Jens Thiemer, Head of Marketing Communications at Mercedes‑Benz Cars.

finance me

Example assist me

Everything under one roof – the five pillars
“Mercedes move me” offers intelligent mobility solutions, regardless of whether or not users have a car. With moovel, car2go, car2go black and Park2gether, Daimler Mobility Services GmbH is working to offer people an impressive range of individual mobility services to choose from. In addition, strategic partnerships allow customers even greater choice – for instance with the smartphone-based taxi service MyTaxi, chauffeur service portal Blacklane or coach provider FlixBus. The premium rental service Mercedes-Benz Rent is a valuable addition to the range of services offered by “Mercedes move me”.
The services offered by “Mercedes connect me” allow customers to connect with their vehicle anytime and anywhere. The connectivity services include accident, maintenance and breakdown management as well as the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system and telediagnosis. Via “Remote Online”, customers know where they have parked their vehicle, whether the doors have been locked and how full the tank is. Even the stationary heater can be switched on via “Remote Online”. Mercedes-Benz apps also provide valuable information, while making individual mobility even more convenient.

“Mercedes assist me” offers a personal, customized service for Mercedes-Benz drivers at calculable service costs – anywhere and around the clock. This includes online access to customer service, including automated appointment booking functions. As well as this, all drivers can find and contact the Mercedes‑Benz partner of their choice online.

“Mercedes finance me” offers customers tailor-made financial services relating to their vehicle and grants them easy access to the wide range of Daimler Financial Services – from flexible and attractive financing solutions to individual leasing offers and the right insurance for their ideal car.


inspire me

“Mercedes inspire me” gives insight into Mercedes-Benz’s research and development activities and, at the same time, is far more than an information portal offering interesting stories about innovations, technologies and mobility. Rather, being part of a community allows customers to follow Mercedes-Benz’s innovative business concepts as they take shape. By interacting with experts from different areas, they can get involved in the development of new technologies and services early on and contribute their own ideas and suggestions.

“Mercedes me” is scheduled to begin in Summer 2014
“Mercedes me” is more than an online platform and is visualized across all communication channels. The brand’s offering will be accessible in Summer 2014 using a personalized Mercedes ID on www.mercedes.me. In future, customers are to have access to all individual Mercedes-Benz services from a single source. The website is available in German and English and is compatible with all mobile devices.

Source: Mercedes