More than 400 000 interested professional visitors are coming to see the Agritechnica – the leading trade fair concerning everything to do with technology in agriculture- in the fair halls in Hanover from November 10 to November 16.

Here everything revolves around the variety of agricultural en­gineering, around agricultural equipment and crop management. And in the midsts of all this Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is presenting their new Unimog, the first implement carrier that complies with the Euro VI em­ission standard for trucks. Furthermore, a special agricultural truck based on the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs is on display.

Up to 3 percent less fuel
The engines of the Unimog implement carriers that have been introduced in the spring of this year are BlueEfficency Power units- three four-cylinder and too six-cylinder engines with outputs ranging from 115kW (156 hp) to 220kW (299hp). The advanced power plants combine further reduced fuel consum­ption (saving up to three per cent) with the highest level of emission control enabling the Unimog to operate more efficiently and more economically over­all, despite the large engineering effort required for compliance with Euro VI.

In the face of constantly growing transport performances in agriculture this is of great significance. Annually, agricultural operations in Germany transport 500 million tonnes of goods over increasingly greater distances. The demand for performing these transport performances quickly and with high cargo vol­umes is especially purposefully and consistently met with industry solutions by Mercedes-Benz.

The new Mercedes-Benz Arocs agricultural version is equally living up to these expectations on transport in agriculture. The Arocs 2042AS with 310 kW ( 421 ps) with permanent all-wheel drive is very well suited to be used as a tractor to deliver high cargo volumes at high speed as efficiently as possible. Also the new high- torque drive configuration of the Arocs sets an example: The engine output has been transferred as a series from the Mercedes PowerShift 3- transmission.

A panoramic cab featuring an up-to-date design
The new Unimog – the entire series consits of eight modells overall, ranging from Unimog U216 to the Unimog U530- can be recognized at first glance due to its panoramic cab in an ultramodern design. The windscreen wipers of the short bonnet are now situated above the wind- screen, the new bumpers in­clude bi-halogen head lamps with daytime running lamps. The superb view of both road and implements is improved even more by the new front camera mon­itor system, which also further simplifies the mounting of implements. On the inside the Unimog boasts with its new multifunction steering wheel includ­ing an adjustable steering column lever and optimized elements for operating driving functions. The Unimog offers a maximum of comfort and safety.

The synergy of hydrostatic drive and manual transmission
A real world first is the synergetic traction drive of the Unimog. The synenergy of hydrostatic drive and manual transmission now enables changing systems on the fly while driving and is precisely aligned with the use of special equip­ment and on transport distances. Up until now it was necessary to stop briefly to change systems.

Furthermore,there are now new working hydraulics available. They work even more precisely and without any jerky movements with a hydraulic performan­ce that has been improved by 30 percent. The new performance hydraulics VarioPower that can be ordered on demand as a specially enhanced alternative to working hydraulics replace power take-off pumps and auxiliary engines.

The exhibits
In Hanover a new Unimog U 423 equipped for agricultural use will be on display. This agricultural equipment is characterized by a special platform with high side boards, agricultural tyres and a newly designed mechanical rear po­w­er take-off. The combination is tailored for both transport and field work. The Unimog U 423 has 170kW (231 hp) and a fully synchronized transmission with 8 forward and 6 reverse gears. A permanent all-wheel drive with the link-located portal axes with coil springs that typically go along with it make it highly suitable for off-roading as it has been proven before.

Another Unimog on the exhibition stand is part of the tried-and-tested version of the U 500. It is equipped with municipal implements and is designed for con­tractors and service providers who handle summer and winter duties for road construction and municipalities outside the main farming seasons.

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs retrofitted for agriculture is a vehicle that has been especially converted according to customers requests to be fitted for agri­cultural use. The tractor Arocs 2042 AS – 210kW (286hp) has permanent all-wheel drive and is equipped with an engine power take-off for hydraulic connection.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks