Following its successful pilot launch in Stuttgart, the “moovel” mobility platform is set to conquer the German capital from today.

The user-friendly app bundles the offers from various mobility providers to find the best way from A to B. “moovel” links private transportation and public transit. The launch version of the second pilot project provides offers from, Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (VBB) and, for the first time, car2go.

In Berlin, Daimler is integrating its subsidiary car2go into the mobility platform for the first time. “Berlin sees car2go join the ‘moovel’ club. This represents yet another step on the on-going and systematic expansion of the intelligent urban mobility network,” says Wilfried Steffen, Head of Business Innovation at Daimler AG.

“Thanks to ‘moovel’, the capital’s wide range of mobility services is much more transparent, resulting in a completely new mobility network.” Stefan Müller, Managing Director of car2go Europe GmbH, adds: “The ‘moovel’ platform also gives our customers a fantastic tool that makes it even easier for them to move around in the city using multiple modes of transport. I very much welcome the integration of car2go and am confident that our 25,000 customers in Berlin will quickly adopt this new way of accessing comprehensive information about mobility offers.”

For the launch of “moovel” in Berlin, offers from Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg and are integrated. The “moovel” app will also display free car2go vehicles, which users will be able to reserve. It will additionally list the public transport offers in the VBB area along with travel times and prices. Users can search for a suitable ride or post a ride as well. A taxicab call function completes the first version of “moovel” in Berlin. It allows customers to order a cab from one of the local taxi companies by phone from the app. Offers from the smartphone based “myTaxi” app will also be integrated into “moovel”.

Hans-Werner Franz, Managing Director of Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg, which coordinates 40 transport companies in the region: “Public transport is a key element of the ‘moovel’ app, and by linking various mobility offers, it opens up a new way of accessing multi-modal passenger information. The app has the potential to become a valuable platform in Berlin and Brandenburg for finding the best way of getting from A to B.” Markus Barnikel, CEO of GmbH, whose German website is an integral component of “moovel”: “Berlin has been the top long-distance destination on for years. Plus, Berlin residents increasingly want to form carpools for shorter distances. ‘moovel’ offers them an efficient way doing so, even while on the move.”

A free app and mobile website ( enable “moovel” to be used on many smartphones. What sets “moovel” apart: The platform is open to all innovative partners and brings together completely different modes of transport across all manufacturers and presents an overview of travel options in a transparent, user-friendly and unbiased manner. “moovel” scores highly in the process thanks to a simple and intuitive user guidance program. Users in Stuttgart can now purchase mobile tickets for the city’s public transit network. This feature is set to be integrated into “moovel” as soon as mobile ticketing is available for the public transport system in Berlin.

“car2go will be available in Berlin from the pilot launch date. The added myTaxi functionality will be integrated in both pilot cities before the end of the year. An Android version is due for release shortly – which is something a large number of users requested,” says Andreas Mink, “moovel” project manager at Business Innovation, as he outlines the upcoming developments.

The first “moovel” pilot project was launched on 11 July 2012 in Stuttgart in cooperation with local partners Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB), Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart GmbH (VVS) and

Based on its 126 years of expertise in automotive engineering and automobile system applications, Daimler also aims to lead the way in terms of innovation in the area of urban mobility concepts. In addition to pioneering the development of car2go in 2008, the company is also the undisputed market leader in the segment for flexible short-term car rental models, with a current customer base of well over 200,000. The introduction of “moovel” sees Daimler add a central element to its range of mobility services. The company’s investments in myTaxi, and tiramizoo GmbH round out the strategy. All activities are aimed at integrating mobility in the urban environment, to configure it more intelligently and to create offers that deliver a high level of customer benefit.

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