News about politics, business, science and technology, health, sport and entertainment – with the new Mercedes-Benz News app for COMAND Online, Mercedes-Benz drivers will in future be able to pick up all the latest information in their car.

As with all applications designed for the COMAND Online multimedia system, the News app is safe and easy to use. Whether stationary or on the move, Mercedes-Benz customers have a user-friendly way of finding out about all the latest happenings and things they need to know. The news, including photos, can also be shown on the vehicle’s display screen.

The latest news and images from all over the world are provided on an exclusive basis by the German news agency group dapd. dapd cooperates with news agencies in 22 countries around the world, and supplies its special in-car News package in 28 different languages. Each time the dapd news ticker is updated, the latest information is available in the car too, in the appropriate language. Mercedes-Benz customers are also able to select country-specific settings, for example which country they would like to receive the top news feed from. Their Mercedes-Benz thus becomes a mobile newsroom.

The News app is already available as a standard feature on the Mercedes-Benz SL and will then also be available from mid-July for all new Mercedes-Benz models fitted with COMAND Online. Customers who already own a vehicle with COMAND Online can source the apps from the Mercedes-Benz App Shop on No visit to a workshop or dealership is required, as the News app is uploaded to the vehicle via the Cloud (Daimler Vehicle Backend).

Source: Daimler AG