In agreement with the General Works Council, the Board of Management of Daimler AG has set a performance participation bonus for the year 2011 of €4,100 (previous year: €3,150) be paid to each entitled employee. The amount of the annual employee bonus at Daimler AG is always related to the company’s performance in the previous financial year.

In the past jubilee year – “125 Years! Inventor of the Automobile” – Daimler set new records for unit sales (2.1 million vehicles), revenue (€106.5 billion), EBIT (€8.8 billion) and net profit (€6.0 Mrd.). On the basis of these excellent results, the company will pay the highest performance participation bonus in its history.

Wilfried Porth, Board of Management Member for Human Resources and Labor Relations Director of Daimler AG: “Daimler looks back on an excellent year. Our employees made the decisive contribution to that with their outstanding performance and maximum commitment. These exceptional efforts will be given special recognition with our performance participation bonus.”

Erich Klemm, Chairman of the General Works Council of Daimler AG: “Record earnings can only be achieved as a result of a record performance. For this reason, the General Works Council was in favor of an employee bonus also at a record level. The employees showed maximum flexibility with high levels of overtime, Saturday shifts and night shifts, and worked hard to achieve those record figures. We regard the performance participation bonus as appropriate recognition by the company of those efforts.”

The performance participation bonus for the year 2011 will be paid out with the salaries for April 2012. Those entitled to receive the bonus are not only the employees of Daimler AG in Germany paid according to collective wage-tariff agreements, but also apprentices and trainees, students from cooperative state universities and doctoral students.

Source: Daimler AG