It’s game time! GreenSight City – developed by Daimler AG in collaboration with Zone 2 Connect GmbH – is now in open beta phase and is calling upon ambitious city planners to grasp the opportunity to build up their very own thriving metropolis with a wide range of touristic attractions.

Maintaining ecological stability with growing tourism using innovative mobility concepts is an interesting job and here in GreenSight City we convey the benefits of a sustainable urban development in a playful manner. Follow the call: “Build your own city using innovative technology and make it your own GreenSight City! Be the winner in the race against time and use this chance to make a difference. Do you have it in you?”

Joe Greensight, a self-made billionaire, has taken up the challenge of transforming the wasteland and the environmentally hazardous traffic in cities, and turn them into attractive metropolises through the use of innovative environment friendly mobility solutions. The GreenSight-Foundation supports the city planners in fulfilling this task. Your goal: Achieve technological advancement and optimal mobility for your city without harming its environment. Be a city planner to build a flourishing metropolis with spectacular attractions.

GreenSight City is publicly available for playing on Facebook from now (15/12/2011). The game revolves around urban mobility and inspires the people to think and discuss these challenges of the modern day society. The social aspect of interaction with friends and neighbours on Facebook enables the player to support each other in achieving their respective goals and thereby providing the opportunity to exchange their views on these issues. Become part of the movement and make your contribution to a green future for the blue planet.

Let us usher in a new era! Introducing innovative mobility concepts, erecting stunning attractions and building infrastructure that fulfils the needs of a growing metropolis needs someone who has the zeal to do it – Joe Greensight is waiting for you. Become a part of GreenSight City today!

For further information visit or Facebook.

Source: Daimler AG