Functionality and spacious transport volume have always been the mark of the genuine roof boxes from Mercedes-Benz. Now, together with the new M-Class, the “450” roof box with revised design comes on the market. The “dropping line” of the roof box takes up the current Mercedes-Benz design idiom.

The “450” roof box is available in black metallic and matt silver. However, on request the customer can have his roof box painted in any available Mercedes vehicle colour by his Mercedes-Benz partner.

As an alternative to the “450” roof box, Mercedes-Benz offers the more compact “330” box. Depending on vehicle it leaves room on the roof for another ski and snowboard carrier, a bicycle rack or a second “330” box. This roof box is available in matt silver or titanium metallic. Here a brief description of the two Mercedes-Benz roof boxes

The Mercedes-Benz “330” roof box offers 330 litres of stowage space. With a length of 220 centimetres, the 60 centimetres wide and 41 centimetres deep container is tailor-made for skiing gear. For even better protection for winter sports equipment, a ski rack insert for up to three pairs of skis for this sport box can be ordered. As an alternative Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH offers a luggage set perfectly matched to the dimensions of the 14-kilogram container. It consists of four bags made from hardwearing, water-repellent polyester. Capable of carrying up to 50 kilograms, the transport box also is suited for heavy loads.

The Mercedes-Benz “450” roof box has a capacity of 450 litres. Specially developed accessories make for optimum space utilisation and very secure loading. There is a ski rack insert for up to five pairs of skis or the practical made-to-measure luggage set with four travelling bags and two ski bags, each accommodating two pairs of skis. The roof box has a length of 220 centimetres, a width of 80 centimetres wide and a depth of 40 centimetres. Despite these dimensions it weighs only 19 kilograms. The maximum load capacity is 75 kilograms.

Simple fitting and practical details
The Alustyle basic carrier bar systems perfectly tailored to the bodies of most Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and the specific system for the SL and SLK Roadsters are the basis for fastening the luggage boxes. All new are the Alustyle Quickfix basic carrier bars for the new B-Class and the Alustyle Easy-Fix II carrier bars for roof rails for the new M-Class. They can be fitted in a jiffy without tools thanks to an innovative quick-clamping system.

Intelligent detail: the Mercedes-Benz roof box can be opened from either side, allowing the vehicle to be loaded from the kerbside instead of the road, or from the driver’s side when the vehicle is parked with the front-passenger side close to a wall, as in a garage. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz roof boxes feature two straps with metal buckles to tie down all objects safely.

Another advantage: the three-latch system of the lockable transport containers affords effective protection against thieves. All roof boxes afford a high degree of safety also in accidents. They are German TÜV-tested and “city crash”-tested and additionally meet Mercedes-Benz requirements that go far beyond what is required by the law. For example, the tilting/sliding sunroof must open and close easily even when the roof box is mounted.

Space for up to six pairs of skis: New Alustyle ski and snowboard rack
An alternative for winter sports enthusiasts is the New Alustyle ski and snowboard rack, now also available for the new-generation B and M-Class. Mounted on the basic carrier bars or the carrier bars for roof rails, the rack has room for up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards, depending on the bindings, or four pairs of skis or two snowboards.

Source: Daimler AG