A new simulation game for green cities is to go online on 15 December 2011 under the title “GreenSight City”. This game, jointly developed by Daimler AG and Zone 2 Connect GmbH (Meerbusch) is an urban-planning simulation that focuses particularly on the issues of mobility, renewable energy sources and innovative technologies.

The task set the players is to transform a small town into a flourishing “green” metropolis and thus attract as many tourists as possible. For this to happen, different tasks and missions have to be accomplished successfully. From game level to game level the city grows, and thus the amount of tourists and traffic as well, making it necessary to find environmentally-friendly, sustainable solutions using the different mobility concepts made available to the players. At the same time, the players have to be careful not to allow their city to become unattractive due to increasing environmental pollution.

Simple, yet realistic: the particularities of the game
In the forefront of “GreenSight City” stand diverse mobility concepts with which the players – either individually or together with friends – have to try to meet the increasing traffic requirements of the growing city. In addition, they have to develop the city’s infrastructure further in order to be able to cope with the swelling tourist influx. They have several possibilities to do this, such as car-sharing, the use of eBikes, electric vehicles and public means of transport such as bus, rail and plane. The players have to organise the tourists’ arrival and departure optimally using the mobility concepts available; these can be further optimised as the game progresses.

In order to increase the attractivity of the city for tourists, the players can also participate in excavations: at predefined locations historical treasures and buildings are to be found. The excavation sites can be visited by the tourists; this has a positive effect on the attractivity of the city, bringing about a greater tourist influx.

Getting to know current issues playfully
The objective is to sensitise young target groups with affinity with the Internet towards issues such as urban mobility, innovative technologies and renewable energy sources and thus encourage a continuing discussion on these topics using the platform provided by Facebook. Interactive and social games like “GreenSight City” offer excellent possibilities to communicate these contents in a playful manner and reach those interested in the issues of urban mobility and innovative technologies.

Taking an active part in the shaping of the game
Even before the game is officially started, all interested users can participate actively to give it its final structure. Under the motto “From the sketch to the finished building: become a part of GreenSight City” a so-called scribble competition begins on 7 November. Under the “Scribble Action” tab, each participant can submit as many sketches (or scribbles) of buildings or variations they wish to see integrated in the game to http://www.facebook.com/greensightcity – and also evaluate the other participants – until 9 December 2011. The three drawings with the greatest number of positive appraisals will be integrated in the game. The winners will be announced on 10 December 2011.

Source: Daimler AG