The biennial in-house show attracts private bus and coach operators and public transport specialists from throughout Europe.

Around 6000 visitors from over 20 countries attended this year’s Bus and Coach Show held from 17 to 20 November – in the anniversary year of the automobile – in the hometown of the inventor of the automobile, Carl Benz. 125 years ago, Benz invented the automobile, 10 years later the omnibus. This illustrious start paved the way for a unique tradition and enormous know-how, along with a platform for the dazzling display of new products from the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit in the year of the automobile anniversary.

“Visitors were able to test-drive our entire product range during the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach Show. The highlight was undoubtedly our new Citaro”, says Roman Biondi, brand spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches at EvoBus GmbH.

FleetBoard fleet management system
Another highlight of the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach Show exhibition was FleetBoard. Hitherto, the fleet management system tailored specifically to the bus sector was known under the name Omniplus BusFleet. The telematics system for rural, touring and urban buses has been further developed and will in future be supplied by the telematics provider Daimler FleetBoard GmbH. “Trust is good but, as fleet operators definitely know, transparency is better, and indispensable if you aim to manage a business cost-effectively. Together with Daimler FleetBoard GmbH we are therefore offering customers a bus-specific fleet management system”, says Angela Titzrath-Grimm, Head of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales Daimler Buses. “We have more than ten years’ experience in commercial vehicle fleets. Our customers have come to appreciate – particularly when diesel prices are so high – the ability to substantially cut fuel consumption by using FleetBoard” added Markus Lipinsky, Managing Director of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH.

Mercedes-Benz Symposium
The Mercedes-Benz Symposium got underway on the first day of the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach Show 2011 with four presentations relating to future mobility. The presentation “Public transport in the context of the conflicting demands of government and business” given by Winfried Hermann, Baden-Württem­berg Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, was eagerly awaited by delegates.

“Through the Mercedes-Benz Symposium we aim to provide a forum to shape future mobility and to discuss together with customers and experts the kind of opportunities opened up for public transport. Thanks to the top-class participants, we also managed to fulfil these aims once again this year”, says Angela Titzrath-Grimm, Head of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales Daimler Buses.

Source: Daimler AG